How to lose weight on pasta

How to lose weight on pasta

Most of the people keeping to a diet refuse pasta, believing that they will do much harm to a figure. It both is right, and it is wrong. Everything depends on what pasta and with what are.

Pasta will hardly do special harm to a figure. The thing is that moves together with them. Cutlets, sausages, meat sauces contain many fats of animal origin. They cause an essential weight gain of a body.

The quality pasta made of firm grades of wheat are considered as dietary. Their caloric content is no more than 180 kcal on 100 g. Thanks to the high content of cellulose and availability of complex carbohydrates in structure such pasta slowly are digested, and sense of fulness for a long time remains. The cellulose which remained in a stomach after digestion of pasta cleans its walls, provoking to more vigorous activity.

To the choice of the pasta suitable for weight loss, it is necessary to belong with all responsibility. Categories A are worth choosing products, these are pasta from firm grades of wheat. Group B pasta is considered as the most harmful to a figure, they are made of a baker's flour, have a gray-white shade and strongly boil soft in the course of preparation, however their price 10 times less than for premium products.

So, to lose weight on pasta, it is necessary:

  • choose products of category (group) And, in their structure of nothing, except a top-grade flour and water, has to be;
  • refuse fat sauces and sauces, sausages and semi-finished products in combination with pasta;
  • dilute pasta with the vegetables rich with cellulose;
  • low-fat meat or fish are perfectly combined with pasta;
  • the general serving size shouldn't exceed 300 g;
  • you shouldn't digest pasta, the "correct" products for weight loss have to be slightly half-cooked.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team