How to make 6% vinegar of essence or vinegar of 9%

How to make 6% vinegar of essence or vinegar of 9%

How to make 6% vinegar independently? During preparation of pickled vegetables for the winter many hostesses for certain would like to learn the answer to this question. It is simple receive such vinegar in house conditions from 9% or essences. The main thing is to know the necessary proportions of cultivation.

6% vinegar are used most often when pickling vegetables for the winter. However this ingredient can be applied also in other cases. For example, vinegar of such concentration is often used at preparation of home-made pastries or any salads. Apply 6 percent solution also usually and when pickling meat on a shish kebab.

How to make of essence

Most often people are interested in how to make 6% vinegar of 70%. Essence as it is very economic, enjoys just wide popularity of hostesses and consequently, and is available practically in each house. To make of it vinegar of 6%, water, clean glass or ceramic ware and a steel tablespoon will be necessary. It is better to take water filtered, boiled, room temperature.

So, gather a full spoon of essence. Pour out liquid in the prepared ware. Gather boiled water in a cup. Pour in the container with essence of 11 tablespoons of water. At the final stage properly mix solution. Vinegar of 6% is ready. Now it can be used for designated purpose.

As to make 6% of 9% of vinegar

In this case as measured capacity it will be more convenient to use not a spoon, but a glass or, for example, a glass. At the first stage it is also necessary to boil water and to cool it. Further it is necessary to take a small bottle from 9% vinegar and to pour it in a glass, having filled 2/3 volumes of the last. Then it is necessary just to fill a glass with water up to the top. That is to receive 6% vinegar from 9%, it is necessary to use 1/3 part of water on 2/3 of its parts.

If it is necessary to receive exact concentration of 6%, instead of a usual glass it is possible to use, for example, measured medical. Or to arrive a little in a different way. To receive precisely 6% vinegar, follows:

  • take two containers — one it is more, another it is less;
  • fill smaller capacity with vinegar almost up to the top (only that it wasn't spilled);
  • pour the measured amount of vinegar in big capacity;
  • to fill the released smaller capacity to a half with water;
  • pour water in the big container with vinegar of 9%.

In this case the proportion 1/3 to 2/3 will also turn out. But this way of cultivation can be considered more exact. It is simpler to measure a half of a glass, than 2/3.

Helpful advice

So, now you know how to make vinegar 6 percent of 70% or 9%. The procedure is simple. However at its carrying out it is worth being more careful. Vinegar is, though weak, but nevertheless acid. If it gets on skin or mucous, they need to be washed out immediately a large amount of water. At cultivation of essence and 9% of vinegar, you shouldn't bend also too strongly over capacity. Somewhat also vapors of this acid can be hazardous to health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team