How to make a cottage cheese sour cream for decoration of pastries and cakes

How to make a cottage cheese sour cream for decoration of pastries and cakes

Make a gentle and magnificent cottage cheese sour cream absolutely simply. And it is worth preparing it in house conditions for the different purposes: decoration of buns and berries, jam pies, registration of top and sides of cakes with a chocolate layer, fillings of eclairs, cakes baskets. And will just regale on such tasty dessert any won't refuse the sweet tooth.

This wonderful dessert in the form of cream of only 20 minutes is preparing that can't but please the busy culinary specialist. Knowing some cunnings, it is possible even to impact to delicacy unusual relish, to change its color. Beginners shouldn't be afraid to try to bring down cottage cheese and sour cream weight the ordinary mixer or the blender - cream turns out excellent even at obvious clumsies. It is almost impossible to spoil it - as a part of everything 3 simple products.

Cunnings of preparation

To make a cottage cheese sour cream the most tasty, it is necessary to observe some hints of experienced culinary specialists:

  • it is better to replace usual sugar with icing sugar, with it the treat will turn out more gentle, without firm sugar grains;
  • cream with sugar should be shaken up on time longer, than with powder, and then to allow the mass of minutes 15 to stand still and again to shake up the mixer;
  • cottage cheese and sour cream is recommended to be bought bigger fat content, then the texture will turn out firm, won't spread on cake or cakes;
  • decolorize from white on pink, red, violet or crimson it is simple by means of different fruit puree - from strawberry, raspberry, bilberry, blueberry, currant;
  • the berry ground weight will also help to change taste of cream, having added it sourness, aroma, sweet.


For preparation of gentle cream only 3 ingredients are necessary:

  • 400 g of cottage cheese 9% fat;
  • 3 spoons of sour cream with the fat content of 35%;
  • 70 g of icing sugar (it is possible to replace with sugar).

Step-by-step photo recipe

Prepare house cream without any additives, it already turns out extraordinary tasty and sweet. The recipe with a photo consists of only several steps clear even to the teenager.

1) Cottage cheese, both store, and house to grind through a small sieve. If not to make it, the consistence of a treat won't be homogeneous, in it there can be lumps. If there is no sieve or it is a pity to spend 5-7 minutes for grinding manually, it is easier to use the submersible blender. But then it is necessary to wash more the dishes. 

2) To add icing sugar or granulated sugar to the ground cottage cheese, however sugar in this case it is necessary to take more, about 100 g.

3) Shake up weight a usual nimbus or a fork.

4) Connect the received sweet curds to fat dense sour cream, shake up the blender or the mixer about a couple of minutes.

5) If the texture turned out firm, smooth, doesn't flow down from bowl walls, so everything is shaken up normally. If weight very dense, it should be added still a sour cream spoon.

Now it was necessary to shift a cottage cheese sour cream in the confectionery syringe, to try to squeeze out a leg-base crabmeat for check. If the figure doesn't spread on a plate, well holds a form, it is possible to decorate cake, to fill cakes baskets with sweet weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team