How to make a dill seed

How to make a dill seed

A dill seed decoction stops gripes at babies, helps at cystitis and a meteorizm, removes stenocardia attacks and also is used for cosmetic compresses and washings. It is simple to prepare it in house conditions from the raw materials bought in pharmacy or collected independently.


1. Estimate freshness and quality of the bought seeds. Than they are brighter, especially infusion will turn out saturated. Stale seeds get a gray shade and tarnish. However they are quite suitable for broth preparation. And here it is better to throw out the raw materials struck with a mold or including foreign inclusions – it can be hazardous to health.

2. Fresh dill infusion promotes a conclusion of surplus of gases from intestines of babies and removes gripes. For treatment make a teaspoon of dry raw materials a glass of boiled water. Draw a baking plate a cover or in a thermos within an hour. Filter ready infusion and give to the child. With own hand prepared broth works more softly, than the dill water acquired in pharmacy.

3. A dill seed infusion treats not only babies, but also adults. However, they will need higher concentration. To get rid of a meteorizm, fill in 2 teaspoons of seeds of fennel with a glass of boiled water. Close capacity a cover and insist within an hour. Take on a third of a glass of ready infusion three times a day for half an hour to food.

4. Fennel helps and at cystitis. Crush seeds in the coffee grinder, having turned them into flour. Pour out a teaspoon of raw materials in a thermos, fill in with a glass of the boiling water and infuse mix within one and a half hours. Seven days in a row drink infusion together with a deposit, it is the best of all since morning, on an empty stomach. In a week there has to occur considerable improvement.

5. Try to accept dill infusion from insomnia. Fill in a teaspoon of dry seeds with a glass of boiled water, insist about 40 minutes, filter. Mix 2 tablespoons of ready broth with a teaspoon of honey and drink mix for the night.

6. Dill seeds decoction is applied and in the cosmetic purposes – it is used for compresses and washings of the withering face skin and neck. Fill in a tablespoon of seeds with a glass of water, put on a plate and boil about 2 minutes. Infuse broth under a cover half an hour, filter and wash them in the morning and in the evening.

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