How to make a fruit candy of pumpkin in house conditions

Fruit candy - sweet which is very popular worldwide. This dessert not only very tasty, but also incredibly useful, and a fruit candy from pumpkin - a well of vitamins. This product contains vitamins A, C and E (youth vitamins), To, D, T, PP, C and also groups B.

It is required to you

  • - one pumpkin of the average size;
  • - two sour apples;
  • - 300 grams of honey;
  • - vanillin extract teaspoon;
  • - cinnamon teaspoon;
  • - teaspoon of a cracked ginger;
  • - little vegetable oil.


1. Properly wash out apples and pumpkin, dry them. Cut products on quarters, remove seeds, cut off a peel. Cut small segments.

2. Put the cut segments in a blender bowl, crush them to a condition of puree (it is necessary to mill very carefully that puree finally turned out homogeneous, without big lumps).

3. Shift the turned-out puree in a deep bowl, add honey (honey is the best of all to use fresh), ginger, cinnamon and a vanilla extract, properly mix everything (the weight can be shaken up).

4. On a baking tray put parchment, oil it properly vegetable oil (it is possible to use a brush). Lay out the prepared semi-fluid weight on a baking tray and level it.

5. Warm an oven to 60 degrees and place in it a baking tray not less, than for five hours. Process of drying has to be carried out at an open door of the furnace that excess moisture could evaporate freely.

6. After time check readiness of a fruit candy, pressure her a spoon and if it soft and elastic, then process of drying can be stopped. Cut a ready fruit candy in cubes or small squares and lay out on a plate. At will the fruit candy can be strewed with icing sugar from above.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team