How to make a red rowan tincture

How to make a red rowan tincture

Home-made a red rowan tincture – the magnificent drink having a peculiar aroma and excellent taste. The sweating small decanter which is poured red, brown, crimson paints is a sure bet both for a small family (adult) feast, and for a big holiday table.

Red rowan tincture classical


- a rowan – 1 kg; - vodka – 1 l;

- sugar – 50 g; - mint, a melissa to taste. Touch the rowan collected after the first frosts, separating berries from branches and fruit stems. Wash out the selected berries, lay out on a paper towel that dried. Shift in capacity, knead a masher, fill in with vodka, close a cover and remove to the warm place. Periodically stir up capacity that the rowan evenly gave the juice to vodka. In 3 weeks filter, and wring out the remained cake through the gauze put in 4 layers. Add sugar and shake up before full dissolution (if you want mountain ash tincture to be more sweet, double amount of sugar).

Pour ready tincture in clean bottles, enclose in everyone on a branch of mint and a melissa, densely a zakuporta and remove to the cool place. You can use in a week.

A red rowan tincture on honey

Ingredients: - a rowan – 1 kg; - natural honey – 0.5 glasses; - vodka – 700 ml. The whole clusters of a rowan will be suitable for this recipe, it is only enough to remove from them the dried-up and begun to rot berries and to wash out accurately. Lay mountain ash clusters in capacity, without stamping. From above put honey and pour in vodka. Close capacity a dense cover and remove to the warm dark place. From time to time stir up. In one or one and a half months filter tincture and pour in clean bottles.

Tincture mountain ash sweet

Ingredients: - a rowan – 2 kg; - vodka – 1.5 l; - cinnamon and a lemon dried peel to taste. For syrup: - sugar – 1 kg; - water – 1 l. Prepare syrup. For this purpose fill in sugar with water, bring on strong fire to the boil at constant stirring. When begins to boil, lower fire to an average and let's boil 8-10 minutes, remove the formed foam. Remove syrup from a plate and leave to be cooled naturally. Miss the touched and washed out rowan via the juice extractor or drench with boiled water and wipe through a sieve (still – crush option in the blender, or via the meat grinder). Wring out juice. Connect juice, the cooled-down syrup, vodka and lemon zest and powder of cinnamon to taste. Stir. Pour on bottles, their zakuporta densely and remove on storage to the dark cool place.

Tincture mountain ash on cognac

Ingredients: - the rowan crushed – 1 glass; - cognac – 2 glasses; - natural honey – 1 tablespoon; - oak bark – 1 tablespoon. Touch a rowan, desteming also unhealthy berries. Wash out and crush or you istolkit in the way, convenient for you (via the meat grinder, the blender, a mortar). Take 1 glass of the turned-out weight, shift in the prepared capacity and fill in with cognac. Attach honey and the crushed oak bark. A dense cover also move away Zakuporte to the dark place. The will longer stay, the nasyshchenny tincture will have a taste and aroma.

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