How to make a soda pop

How to make a soda pop

Appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, soda - nothing but usual mineral water, but incorporating soda. It is used as for preparation of a huge amount of cocktails, including spirits, and for the use in pure form.

It is required to you

  • For bilberry soda:
    • water - 2 articles;
    • bilberry - 2 articles;
    • sugar - 1 article;
    • juice of 1 lime;
    • mineral water;
    • For soda of a home cooking:
    • water;
    • yeast powder - 1/8 tsps;
    • sugar - 2 1/4 articles;
    • fragrance - 1 tablespoon.
    • For ginger soda:
    • water - 3 articles;
    • sugar - 2 articles;
    • лемонграсс - 1 stalk;
    • ginger - 90 g;
    • juice of 1 lemon;
    • vanilla - 1/4 tsps;
    • mineral water.


1. Bilberry содоваяВ the average size a pan pour two glasses water and put about two glasses of the washed-out and dry-through bilberry. Put a pan on average fire and let's liquid begin to boil. After that reduce fire and you cook within 15 minutes. Remove a pan from fire and filter mix through a colander and a gauze. Cool within 15 minutes. Mix the filtered bilberry juice with a glass of sugar and juice of a lime. Put on average fire and you cook, stirring slowly until sugar completely melts. Bring to the boil and prepare 2 more minutes. Remove from fire, pour in a glass container and move away him to be cooled in the fridge. Before the use connect 1/4 glasses of the prepared liquid to 1 glass of mineral water. Give with ice.

2. housepreparations B soda a small amount of warm water dissolve a yeast powder and leave to bulk up for 5 minutes. Meanwhile mix sugar, fragrance, the divorced yeast and enough water. Shake up within two minutes to full sugar remelting. Pour mix in 2 2-liter jars, close them and leave to infuse within 4-6 days. To prepare dietary soda, instead of the specified amount of sugar put 5 tablespoons of sugar and the substitute of sugar equivalent to two glasses of the present.

3. Ginger содоваяВ the average size a pan pour water, connect it to sugar. Mix to full sugar remelting. Add лемонграсс, ginger, lemon juice and vanilla. Boil on strong fire, then reduce fire and you cook about 20 minutes. Remove from fire and leave the received mix to infuse for the night. Next day filter through a sieve. Before the use mix by means of the cooled shaker ginger syrup with mineral water in the ratio 1:1.

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