How to make apples, plums and grapes compote

How to make apples, plums and grapes compote

The summer pleases with abundance of fresh fruit and berries which so want to be kept for the future. To provide itself with vitamins for long cold winter, apples, plums, grapes and other summer gifts preserve in various ways, in particular, do compotes.

It is required to you

  • 1 kg of apples;
    • 400 g of plums;
    • 200 g of grapes;
    • 1 l of water;
    • 200-400 g of sugar.


1. For preparation of compote select the ripe intact apples, fleshy large or the average size of plum with well separating stone and also large fruits of grapes with dense pulp, and it is possible to use also not quite mature clusters. Well wash out fruit.

2. Prepare apples: clean from a thin skin (if it thin, then it isn't obligatory to do it), cut in half or on four parts, remove a core. Put them in slightly added some salt water that they didn't darken then. Blanch firm grades in the water heated to temperature 85-90os, and then lower in cold water.

3. That plum in compote had beautiful view, it can be put or without thin skin, or blanched. It is possible to husk as follows: omit discharges for several minutes in the boiling water and when the thin skin begins to burst, take out, fill in with cold water and clean. If desired cut plums in half and take out stones.

4. If you want to make compote from fruits with a thin skin, blanch them within 10 minutes in hot water (85-90os), and then place in cold water. At such processing on a surface of plums the grid is formed of small cracks thanks to which they won't burst and will keep a form, and syrup will easily get into fabric. It is also possible to pin fruits of plums and grapes a fork that syrup evenly soaked pulp.

5. Prepare banks for conservation: careful wash out them with baking soda and rinse. Lay apples, plums and grapes on a coat hanger so that banks had beautiful appearance.

6. Weld syrup: heat water in a pan, pour sugar and continue to heat, stirring slowly, to full sugar remelting. Bring to the boil and filter to separate small foreign particles which can meet in granulated sugar. Fill in with syrup fruit in banks.

7. Cover banks with covers and put in a pan with hot water. At the volume of 0.5 l sterilize them within 10-15 minutes, at 1 l - 15-20 minutes, 3 l – 40 minutes. Then hermetically cork banks, turn a neck down, wrap up in a warm blanket, an old fur coat, etc., leave for 8-12 hours before cooling, and then remove to the cool place.

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