How to make aspic from vegetables with egg and green peas

How to make aspic from vegetables with egg and green peas

Aspic from vegetables represents light original meal which unusual appearance will surprise guests and will become decoration of a holiday table. The dish will be ideal for vegetarians and also for a children's holiday.

It is required to you

  • - gelatin — 2 teaspoons;
  • - water — 16 tablespoons;
  • - eggs — 6 pieces;
  • - citric acid — 8 drops;
  • - carrots — 2 pieces;
  • - a canned green peas — 3 tablespoons;
  • - a paprika — 1 piece;
  • - salt, pepper (peas) — to taste.


1. Wash up vegetables. Clean and boil carrots then small to cut. Further to connect to the crushed paprika.

2. Hard-boil, shell eggs. Small to cut two of them, to leave the others intact.

3. Wash out, cast away gelatin on a strainer and leave for soaking in cold water for 2 hours. After that with the bulked-up gelatin to add citric acid, salt, pepper to liquid (peas).

4. Bring structure to the boil, constantly stirring slowly. When there is a foam, she should be moved away a skimmer then to cool the received weight to 40 — 60 degrees.

5. Further it is possible to start directly formation of aspic from vegetables. For this purpose it is necessary to take a suitable form (more preferably special, but it is possible also a simple salad bowl). It is necessary to put small crushed eggs, carrots, pepper in it. Further to add green peas and the whole eggs which remained untouched. It is accurate to Massú to distribute in a form.

6. In conclusion mix is evenly filled in with the prepared liquid from gelatin. Place aspic in the fridge before hardening (to consistence of jelly) then it is possible to give to a table, at will having decorated with lemon segments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team