How to make banana and yogurt cottage cheese casserole

How to make banana and yogurt cottage cheese casserole

The cottage cheese dishes prepared in house conditions were always considered as healthy and dietary food. Banana cottage cheese casserole will surprise with unusual taste, besides won't damage that who keeps a figure.

Cottage cheese is a product which contains a lot of calcium, a squirrel and also mass of minerals, necessary for health. The casserole made from fresh cottage cheese about addition of banana and pear is a great option for a breakfast or an afternoon snack. Such dessert will also be to the taste to children who indifferently treat cottage cheese in pure form.

For preparation of casserole it is required:

- cottage cheese of 5% - 200-250 g;

- yogurt - 2 tablespoons;

- banana - 1 piece;

- pear (apple) - piece;

- sugar (icing sugar) - to taste;

- sunflower oil.

We wipe cottage cheese through a sieve or we scroll via the meat grinder (if time is limited, it is possible to miss this point), we spread in a bowl. We peel banana, we cut on pieces and we knead a fork in puree, we shift it in a bowl with cottage cheese. We add egg, yogurt (it is possible to replace with low-fat sour cream), sugar and by means of the mixer we shake up ingredients in homogeneous mass. If there is a blender, then it is possible to use it.

We wash pear (apple), we clean from a thin skin and we cut small pieces, we spread fruit to curds.

We oil a form for roasting sunflower, we spread in it the received weight and we put in the oven which is in advance warmed up to 180-190 degrees. We bake a dessert of 35 - 40 minutes. We take out casserole from a form only when it cools down, we cut on pieces and we give to a table.

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