How to make beef gentle

How to make beef gentle

Beef, as well as any other meat, - very nutritious product with the high content of iron. It quickly sates an organism. At observance of simple rules you will easily make tasty, juicy and gentle beef.


1. Use marinade. Only it is necessary to avoid some vinegar, it strongly dries meat, and here marinade will make meat of mustard and mayonnaise gentle and creamy.

2. Also vinegar when pickling can be replaced with lemon juice.

3. Mineral water - the fastest way to pickle meat and to give it tenderness.

4. To Solita fried beef at the end of frying. Salt takes away juice.

5. The beef which is wrapped up in bacon will keep juiciness and softness at preparation.

6. Use of batter or the test will also keep all juice of meat inside.

7. You shouldn't cook frozen meat at all – in this case juice from the cages destroyed by too fast heating flows and meat will turn out dried. It is desirable to defreeze meat slowly – for example, having shifted it from the freezer in refrigerating and having taken not less day there.

8. If beef very rigid, then the best recipe in that case - long suppression, not less than 1.5-2 hours.

9. When roasting in an oven of a big piece of beef, fry a piece previously in the boiling oil that the crust was formed, and then bake. Meat will also keep all juice and will be juicy and gentle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team