How to make beef in pots in an oven

How to make beef in pots in an oven

Than in the majority the dishes prepared in pots are good? The most important – they are very simple in preparation. Special sorcery isn't required: long and tiresome presence in kitchen. It is especially valuable to those who are loaded at work and also for young families to which parents can unexpectedly appear suddenly.

Having necessary ingredients them it is necessary just in the correct sequence to distribute on pots, to close and … voila – you are free and you can prepare something else absolutely to finish unexpected guests the ability and ingenuity. By the way, in this recipe everything is important, certainly, but there is one small stroke adding lovely originality – what you will make a cover for your pots of: crunchy flat cake which by long rural tradition can replace bread.


For 6 averages ceramic a pot it will be required:

- about 500-600 grams of beef; - broadtail fat; - 2-3 bulbs; - 2-3 carrots; - 250-300 grams of chick-pea (Central Asian peas) - 6-8 potatoes; - half small cabbage fork; - 2 heads of garlic; - 2 eggplants; - The 6th tomato; - greens: on a bunch of cilantro, parsley, a basil; - red or black pepper to taste; - water; - 0.5 pack of margarine; - 1 egg; - 1/2 glasses of water; - 1-1.5 glasses of flour; - 1.5-2 teaspoons of salt.

1 stage

For a start from a pack of margarine and egg we will make early puff pastry – if you have no ready. It becomes quickly and simply: in a glass we pour 2/3 waters, we add one egg and salt there, we stir everything a fork, kind of shaking up. On a large grater we rub margarine, we add flour and we pound contents hands to a small crumb. In this crumb we pour out the prepared mix, and we knead dough. We divide ready dough into 6 Koloboks, we spread them on a board and we remove on cold – in the deep freeze. While dough is frozen, we will be engaged in pots.

2 stage

On a bottom it is necessary to lay out on an average piece of broadtail fat. In principle, it is possible to replace it with any vegetable oil, but broadtail fat with what meat it wouldn't be used, gives to a dish thin aftertaste. Then everything is put by layers and it is very important to observe the sequence as if you over potato lay out tomatoes, then potatoes will turn out firm and tasteless. Over broadtail fat or vegetable oil we spread on some pieces of beef, cut slightly more largely than walnut, approximately – 4-5 pieces. Then the onions cut by rings and several segments of garlic. Not densely we sprinkle them with chick-pea – approximately about a zhmena. After chick-pea time of carrots and largely cut potatoes came – on one average potato to a pot. And here for the first time it is necessary to salt and pepper a dish a little – on a pinch of salt and pepper on a knife tip on a pot. Fill in with water so that it slightly covered potatoes. Small a fork of cabbage divide a half into six parts. Place each part over potatoes. Remained absolutely slightly: from above cabbage lay out the chopped greens, to steam of rings an eggplant, tomato and again greens. Again salt.

3 stage

Include an oven. Get dough, roll 6 cake layers and cover with them pots, and from above cover with covers. Put them on a baking tray and remove in an oven. All – for 1 hour 20-30 minutes we can forget about them. In 1 hour 20-30 minutes uncover and leave in an oven for about twenty minutes that dough was in time пропечься.

The first council

If at all there is no time, then it is possible and not to potter with the test. Densely close pots a foil, and from above covers. The main thing here – density. The fact is that covers don't guarantee density of closing against pots and then moisture will evaporate and the dish will turn out dry.

The second council

If you forgot about the test, and already put in an oven your beef with vegetables and chick-pea - don't worry! But now you have a dough for small cake: roll six cake layers, bake each of them, grease with any cream and arrange their one on another, sprinkle with a crumb from edges of the same cake layers and... voila - the dessert is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team