How to make beet juice

How to make beet juice

Beet – one of the most popular root crops in our kitchen. Rich with a set of vitamins, macro - and minerals beet is very useful to our organism. Beet juice, in turn, besides the all-strengthening action, has ability to bring toxins out of an organism. But, as it is rather strong on biological properties drink, it should be accepted in the diluted look. As a rule, it is diluted with either water, or other vegetable and fruit juices.

It is required to you

  • 1 large beet
    • 1 juice extractor
    • or small grater


1. Wash beet and peel.

2. Cut on 4 segments.

3. Miss beet via the juice extractor.

4. In case of lack of the juice extractor - wipe beet through very small grater. Then wring out beet weight through several layers of a gauze. An exit of juice will be approximately twice less.

5. Place ready beet juice in the fridge in order that it was defended for 2 hours.

6. Dilute beet juice in the recommended proportions and enjoy drink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team