How to make Bubble Tea drink

How to make Bubble Tea drink

For the first time inhabitants of the island of Taiwan learned about Bubble tea drink. Initially drink represented the shaken-up cocktail from fruit syrup and tea. Added balls from tapioca to the recipe later. In the 90th years, drink subdued America, and in 2010 — and was even included Europe in the range of McDonalds.

We choose tea

Basis of drink is tea for which preparation use four grades. A classical China green tea – green gunpowder is made on technology a ganpauder. Has gentle aroma, bright flavovirent color of infusion and classical taste of a green tea. Make drink at a temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius within 1–2 minutes.

Throughout centuries, a green tea with a jasmine is known. The fine aroma made it the most popular basis for Bubble tea. Make 1–2 minutes at a temperature of 75-80 degrees Celsius.

Black tea with a bergamot — Earl Gray has saturated aroma and refined taste therefore fairly takes the leading positions around the world. Is ready at a temperature of 99 degrees Celsius of 2-3 minutes. If you prefer dairy and caramel sweet aroma, choose milk oolong tea which is made at 70–80 degrees Celsius for 1–2 minutes.

Toppings for Bubble tea

Tapioca represents the natural vegetable balls prepared from cassava root flour. Tapioca – classical additive for Babbl ти, balls are very useful, enriched with vitamin B and magnesium. Dzhus-bola — balls with juice inside. The cover is made of an extract of the seaweed preventing renal and intestinal diseases and also strengthening immunity. Jem-boly — balls with jam inside.

Recipes Babl ти

Lower two tablespoons of tapioca in the boiling water and you cook to a uniform zhelevidny state. Leave balls to cool down. Prepare and cool tea, add milk and sugar to taste. Pour liquid on glasses, put tapioca balls in everyone. Give with teaspoons or wide tubules. For preparation of "Fruit paradise" it will be required: - 2 glasses of large sugar; - 1/2 glasses of balls of tapioca; - 2 glasses of large sugar; - 1 glass of crushed ice; - 1 glass of largely cut mango; - ¾ glass of coconut milk; - ¼ glasses of cow's milk; - 2 teaspoons of juice of a lime. In a pan pour out 0.5 l of water, add sugar, bring to the boil and remove from a plate. In other capacity boil 1 l of water and add tapioca balls, you cook them as it is specified in the instruction. Connect balls to sugar liquid and cool. Spread out tapioca balls on glasses. Shake up ice, mango, coconut milk, juice of a lime and milk. Add the received uniform weight puree to a glass with balls. Give with a wide tubule. Strawberry Bubble tea: - 0.5 l of drinking strawberry yogurt; - 100 g of strawberry; - ice cubes; - toppings. Connect strawberry to yogurt, mix the blender before receiving homogeneous mass. Add honey or sugar to taste, pour in glasses, spread out ice cubes and toppings. Give at once after preparation.Bubble of tea with a fruit juice and milk: - 1 glass of green tea; - 2 teaspoons of powdered milk; - 2 glasses of ice cubes; - 2 glasses of pear or mango juice; - 1/2 glasses of toppings. Fill in tea and powdered milk in the blender. Shake up within 1 minute, add a fruit juice, ice and toppings.

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