How to make cake with cream

How to make cake with cream

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Cake with cream not only will sweeten to you life, but also with guarantee it will be pleasant to friends and relatives. Prepare its once - and you by all means will ask to do such cake for every holiday. At the same time in preparation cake is quite simple.

It is required to you


1. Mix flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder and starch and to sift.

2. Beat whites and during beating in the small portions to add a half of a glass of sugar. To connect one third of proteins with sugar to the yolks mixed with a sifted flour and to mix accurately. Then to add the remained 2/3 whites and also to mix accurately.

3. To add the sifted flour, starch, vanillin and baking powder to the received weight. To mix everything before receiving homogeneous mass.

4. To grease the baking tray laid by parchment paper with a small amount of vegetable oil. Lay out dough on a baking tray and on all surface evenly to distribute. Bake within 10 minutes to the oven heated to 180 degrees.

5. Spread a towel on a table, sugar it or icing sugar. Take out a ready hot biscuit from an oven and lay out on a towel.

6. Curtail still a hot cake layer into roll (together with a towel). Cool within 30 minutes.

7. In the same way to prepare a dark cake layer. Mix cocoa with flour, starch, vanillin and baking powder and to sift.

8. It is accurate to develop the received "rolls". Put away towels and return cake layers to a former state (to give a type of roll). Across to cut rolls on 3-4 identical parts. The less parts, the cake will be higher.

9. It is necessary for preparation of syrup: in a small pan to mix sugar with water. Bring the received syrup to the boil (sugar has to be dissolved completely). Cool to add cognac or rum and to mix.

10. To nastrugat 50 g of milk or bitter chocolate a knife or to rub on rather large grater.

11. Peel bananas and cut them circles.

12. Merge syrup from peaches (or apricots). Keep syrup. Cut peaches pieces. To shake up a half of cream and a half icing sugar that dense cream turned out.

13. Develop one roll, impregnate it with syrup, then grease with the cream which is shaken up with icing sugar and strew with chocolate. Too most to repeat with all light rolls.

14. Do the same operation with dark rolls, only with addition of pieces of fruit.

15. Curtail a light cake layer with cream so that the stuffing appeared inside. Then to wrap up it dark. Further we alternate light and dark rolls. It is necessary to twist them very densely.

16. Shake up cream with icing sugar and cover with them all cake.

17. Heat peach syrup, add to it gelatin. It is necessary to stir until gelatin completely isn't dissolved. Cool solution.

18. Clean and cut a kiwi and peaches.

19. Lay out fruit in the center of cake. Water fruit with peach syrup.

20. Decorate cake with grated chocolate and whipped cream. Put ready cake in the fridge for 12 hours. Sweet to you life!

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