How to make Callas salad

How to make Callas salad

Callas salad is puff salad in which not the so compatible products giving just amazing gustatory senses are perfectly combined, apparently. Besides, due to original registration it won't be a shame to expose this dish on a holiday table.

Products for salad

For preparation of Callas salad prepare 500 g of chicken fillet, 250 g of marinated mushrooms (honey agarics or champignons), 350 g of tinned pineapples, 4 eggs, 2 carrots of the average sizes, 1 head of onions, 150 g of cheese of firm grades, 3 or 5 plates of processed cheese, 350 g of mayonnaise, salt, vegetable oil for frying, fennel, feathers of green onions, several branches of parsley.

Recipe for Callas salad

Wash out chicken fillet under flowing water, boil in the added some salt water. That it turned out more fragrant, during cooking add a root of a celery or several peas of allspice to water. Cut ready chicken thin strips. Wash up carrots a brush, place in a pan, you cook until ready. Cool, peel, grate, leave a half of carrots.

In the capacity where carrots cooked, boil also eggs, cool their baking plate cold water, shell, separate the yolks from the whites and grate them in different ware. Too clean onions, small chop, cast away mushrooms on a colander that excess marinade flew down, large crush. Lay out mushrooms and onions on the frying pan warmed with vegetable oil, roast a little. In a separate plate grate also cheese. Small chop a part of fennel. If you have large pineapples, cut also their small into cubes. Take a beautiful salad bowl in which you will expose salad on a table. Begin to spread all prepared ingredients layers, cover everyone with a grid from mayonnaise. On the bottom lay out the mushrooms fried with onions, then put straws from chicken, a layer of pineapples, cheese now. Mix carrots with a spoon of mayonnaise and lay out the following layer, from above put the prepared yolks, then proteins, plentifully cover all salad with mayonnaise, don't forget also about edges. Fill up from above all with melkoporublenny fennel. Now start production of ornament. On a dish around salad beautifully put parsley branches. Curtail plates of processed cheese kulechka, lay over topping from fennel, inside put carrots strips, feathers make stalks of flowers of green onions, add on a branch of fennel and parsley which will serve as leaves. Tie the turned-out bouquet with a carrots strip. Everything, beautiful and tasty salad is ready.

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