How to make caramelized oranges

How to make caramelized oranges

Sometimes after a holiday there are uneaten circles of oranges from which it is possible to prepare a remarkable dessert – caramelized oranges. According to some data, the recipe came to us from Belgium, on others – from Spain. In the ancient time instead of sugar for preparation of sweet used honey. Our contemporaries use oranges in caramel with tea or use as ornament for cakes or cakes.

5 oranges of the average size are washed and cut on circles about a half-centimeter thick. Tips don't use.

In a pan pour water (0.5 liters), put the cut fruit cook 3-4 minutes for removal of bitterness. Water in the recipe isn't used after that.

Then orange circles spread on a dry dish or a towel and dry. Wait until they cool down, not necessarily.

In a pan or a deep frying pan fill a layer of sugar on which put a layer of oranges. So alternate layers of fruit and sugar. From above surely there has to be a sugar. On 5 oranges take sugar half a kilogram. Then all this is filled in with a glass of water. In the course of preparation it is possible to add gradually still a glass of water.

Bring mix to the boil and at once to lower fire and cover ware.

Caramelized oranges need to be cooked within one and a half hours. Readiness is determined by a peel. If it became soft – fruits are ready.

Segments of oranges spread on a dish or a paper towel and dry at the room temperature.

The circles prepared thus remain soft. For receiving firm caramelized oranges of segment spread on a baking tray with parchment paper and send to an oven where leave them for 15 minutes at a temperature of 120 degrees. That segments didn't burn down, it is possible to lower fire power to 90 degrees and below.

The orange circles which are taken out from an oven can be eaten as a ready-to-eat meal, or to use for production of oranges in chocolate.

Chocolate is better to take dark, to kindle it in the microwave, having added several drops of water. To dunk segments of oranges into the melted weight and to put them to dry up on a foil or food wrap.

Caramel orange segments, both in chocolate, and without it, won't leave indifferent sweet teeth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team