How to make cauliflower cutlets: 2 options

How to make cauliflower cutlets: 2 options

Vegetable cutlets aren't less tasty and more useful, than meat. They can be cooked from many vegetables. Potatoes, cabbage, squash cutlets are especially popular. Cauliflower cutlets are very tasty and useful. Versions of recipes of these cutlets much. We offer two options.

The first option. Cooking cauliflower cutlets, everyone can take spices and seasonings which are pleasant to it, thereby to strengthen or change a few taste. Cutlets are cooked without oil in general, and therefore, will be interesting to those who protects a figure. They turn out almost dietary and very useful.

The cauliflower cutlets made in an oven

For cutlets it is necessary to take:

  • 500 g of a cauliflower
  • 500 ml of milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 g of crackers
  • 100 g of bread or roll
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • spices
  • salt


  • It is good to wash cabbage. Sort on inflorescences. Prepare mix from 400 ml of water and 400 ml of milk. Put there cabbage and cook it to full readiness, that is cabbage has to cook well. It will be required minutes 20. In the milk rest, cabbage cooks so far, to put a piece of roll or bread that it well softened.
  • Cast away ready cabbage on a colander. Allow to flow down to water. Pass it via the meat grinder or turn into puree by means of the blender. A crumb of roll or bread to wring out and add to cabbage puree. Shake up and pour out one egg in mix. Pour seasonings, salt. That cutlets were more dense - to add flour. Flour is given approximately. It it is possible to add or lower slightly. It is good to mix that the uniform consistence turned out.
  • Create cutlets. It is good to shake up the second egg. Roll in cutlets in mix which to prepare from egg and crackers. Lay in a form or on a baking tray which previously to lay parchment. Bake in a hot oven (180C) approximately minutes 40. In the middle of baking, cutlets should be turned.

Cauliflower cutlets with cheese

2 option. Whom cutlets dietary don't arrange, can make cutlets on oil.

Will be necessary for this dish:

  • 500 g of a cauliflower
  • 2-3 eggs
  • about a glass of crackers
  • 150 g of a hard cheese
  • spices and salt to taste
  • vegetable oil for frying

Preparation process

  • Wash, sort cabbage on inflorescences, as well as in the first case. Boil (minutes 5-8)
  • Pyurirovat by means of the blender or your way. Pour about a half of the prepared crackers into puree. Add other ingredients: eggs, spices, salt and about 2/3 cheeses.
  • The remains of cheese and crackers will go to a breading: grate and mix cheese with crackers.
  • Create forcemeat cutlets. It is better to do it by moist hands.
  • Fry cutlets in rather large amount of oil. It is desirable to spread on napkins to remove excess fat.
  • Give with a favourite garnish or as an independent dish.

It is possible to add carrots, onions, garlic to cauliflower cutlets. Fresh greens won't prevent. It is possible to train them as from fresh cabbage, so from frozen.

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