How to make cepes

How to make cepes

Cepes perfectly are suitable for preparation of all types of dishes. Their main advantage is that they don't change color and flavor profiles when processing (cooking, drying, frying, etc.). From cepes it is possible to make roast, snack, garnishes, marinades, soups, but cepes with sour cream are a dish which enjoys wide popularity.

It is required to you

  • Cepes (hats) - 250 grams;
    • onion - 2 heads;
    • sour cream - 250 grams;
    • pepper
    • salt
    • spices
    • parsley
    • fennel - to taste.


1. Carefully peel cepes. Drench with boiled water.

2. In a frying pan layers lay sour cream, then mushrooms and onions cut with circles.

3. Salt also spices. Close a cover and you extinguish within 8 – 10 minutes.

4. Before giving on a table strew mushrooms with parsley and fennel.

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