How to make cheesecake with halvah

How to make cheesecake with halvah

What can be more tasty than a dessert? Only the dessert prepared from other dessert. Such treat is ""Cheesecake with halvah"". Prepare, give it to coffee or tea and enjoy deserved compliments.

It is required to you

  • - 300 g of halvah;
  • - 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • - three eggs;
  • - 50 g of a desi;
  • - 200 g of sour cream (low fat content);
  • - 150 g of a sand cake;
  • - strawberry.


1. Take 150 grams of usual cookies, it is desirable without fruit additives and to crush by means of the meat grinder. It is also possible to crush cookies by means of a rolling pin, the blender or the hammer. Add 50 grams of the softened desi to the crushed cookies, it is a little sugar, one egg. To mix everything to viscous consistence.

2. Shift mix in a form for roasting, having distributed on all bottom, doing small sides (about 2 cm in height). Remove a basis for several minutes in the freezer.

3. For preparation of a stuffing to crush 300 grams of halvah in the meat grinder. To add 200 grams of sour cream to the crushed halvah, 200 grams of cottage cheese and everything it is good to mix. Hammer two eggs into a stuffing and again to mix so that there is no lump left.

4. Add a stuffing to the cooled-down form with a basis and put in the oven heated in advance to 180 °C for 30-35 minutes.

5. Get cheesecake from a form, decorate with strawberry and lay out on a plate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team