How to make chocolate of cocoa and milk

How to make chocolate of cocoa and milk

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Chocolate is not only tasty product, but also very useful. This delicacy has properties to reduce cholesterol in blood, reduces risk of developing of strokes and heart attacks, and flavonoids which are present at chocolate in rather large numbers promote delay of aging of an organism.

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1. Take a small saucepan and mix in it sugar and cocoa. Add to mix a half of the made milk (milk can be replaced with cream, in this case chocolate will turn out more creamy) and carefully mix everything and shake up to exclude formation of lumps.

2. Put a pan on a plate and gradually pour in it in the remained milk, continuously stirring slowly with a chocolate paste. You cook chocolate within 15-25 minutes on slow fire, it is necessary that about 1/4 part of liquid were evaporated.

3. Crush a filbert a knife, fry it in the heated frying pan without oil. Fill in raisin for five minutes with hot water which temperature not less than 70-80 degrees. Drain water and dry berries (use for this purpose disposable towels).

4. Add a fresh desi (if in your fridge there is a cacao butter or coconut, then replace with any of these oils creamy), the shredded fried filbert and raisin to a hot chocolate paste. Properly mix these ingredients and pour in the special form which is in advance greased with a desi. Let's cool down to chocolate at the room temperature, then place a form in the fridge for a couple of hours.

5. Get a form with chocolate and shift a tasty and fragrant dessert to any flat dish (that to make it, for five seconds lower a form with chocolate in boiled water, then just turn it on a dish or a tray).

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