How to make churchkhela

How to make churchkhela

Churchkhela - the Georgian national delicacy. As a rule, is cooked from walnuts, but the compounding allows use also of a filbert or almonds. Invariable in this dish is a grape and starchy tremelloid weight — so-called Tatars which cooks from grape juice, flour and sugar. Technology of preparation of sweet simple and interesting. However the result should be waited several weeks.

It is required to you

  • 2 l of grape juice;
    • 5 glasses of the peeled nuts (walnut
    • filbert);
    • 1 glass of wheat flour;
    • 1/2 glasses of honey.


1. Halves of walnut or a filbert by means of a big needle need to be strung on severe thread 25-30 cm long. It is better to use a thimble at the same time.

2. Leave 6-7 cm of a thread and make a loop that it was possible then to suspend.

3. Prepare a tatara. For this purpose mix 1 glass of juice with flour.

4. Pour out the remained juice in a stewpan and on small fire begin to uvarivat before boiling.

5. After juice begins to boil, add, pouring in a thin stream and continuously stirring slowly with juice with flour.

6. Also, without stopping disturbing, add honey.

7. Uvarivayte weight to a condition of very dense kissel.

8. Remove a tatara from fire and, stirring slowly, cool up to 45-50 degrees.

9. Then take threads with nuts and release weight for 1.5-2 minutes that a thread all became covered with juice.

10. Take out threads and dry 5-7 minutes. While the first party dries, dip following and so on.

11. Then again release in uvarenny juice and repeat the procedure.

12. Release threads with nuts in juice until nuts don't become covered by a juice layer on 1.5-2 cm.

13. Then fix churchkhela on a thread or a special stick and suspend to dry for several weeks.

14. You dry churchkhela in well aired, dry room. Under sweet it is necessary to spread paper as first juice will drip.

15. Degree of readiness is determined by a measure of dehumidification of the top layer. Inside the sweet has to remain soft.

16. After drying shift churchkhela in a box, alternating to parchment paper.

17. Full readiness of sweet is reached in 2-3 months when delicacy vysakharivatsya.

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