How to make citrus candies

How to make citrus candies

Citrus candies are surprisingly simple, but fantastically tasty delicacy which to the taste reminds fruit jelly. Enjoy this dessert.

It is required to you

  • - orange - 1 piece;
  • - a lemon - 0.5 pieces;
  • - water - 50 ml;
  • - sugar - 80 g;
  • - semolina - 2 tablespoons with the hill;
  • - nuts - 50 g;
  • - sesame - 2 tablespoons.


1. First of all remove a dried peel from a surface of orange and a half of a lemon. Squeeze out juice of the remained pulp. It at you about 100 milliliters have to turn out.

2. In a small pan mix the following: the juice which is squeezed out of a citrus, water and also granulated sugar. Having mixed these ingredients, properly, put the received mix on a plate and you cook it after it begins to boil, within 3 minutes.

3. In the boiling liquid pour out quite thin stream semolina. Don't forget to stir slowly at the same time constantly educated mix. Prepare weight till that time until it becomes rather dense, that is for 5-7 minutes. After time cool it, having removed from fire.

4. Having a little fried nuts in a frying pan without oil, lay out them in a bowl of the blender and crush on very small pieces. For preparation of citrus candies you can choose any nuts.

5. In warm weight from semolina pour out the crushed nuts. Mix everything properly. As a result at you rather dense mix has to turn out. If at you it turned out not such, then add a little more nuts.

6. Accurately pinch off from nut and semolina weight small pieces and their skatyvayta in spherical figures which size is similar to the walnut size.

7. Having rolled in the received balls in sesame, let's them be cooled in the refrigerator. Citrus candies are ready!

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