How to make cocktail with cognac

How to make cocktail with cognac

Cognac – popular strong alcoholic drink. It is possible to use it as in pure form, and as a part of various cocktails. It isn't difficult prepare some of them at all and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - Coca;
  • - orange juice;
  • - orange;
  • - raspberry;
  • - chocolate liqueur;
  • - cream;
  • - peach liqueur;
  • - chocolate;
  • - banana;
  • - milk;
  • - ice cream;
  • - peppermint-flavored liqueur;
  • - absinthe;
  • - coffee;
  • - cognac;
  • - ice.


1. The simplest and, perhaps, one of the most known cocktails on the basis of cognac is a cognac with Coca. To indulge itself with this drink, pour in a wide and low glass cognac and Coca-Cola in identical proportions, add ice and enjoy.

2. Alba is one more simple and tasty cocktail on the basis of cognac. For its preparation you need orange juice, raspberry, orange and, of course, alcohol. Cut orange circles. In a shaker fill in 30 milliliters of cognac and juice, add a tablespoon of berries and carefully mix. Pour the turned-out drink in a high glass and decorate it with fruit segment.

3. Sweet teeth can indulge themselves with cocktails on the basis of cognac and chocolate. To make drink, take 30 milliliters of cognac, chocolate liqueur and heavy cream. Shake up all ingredients in the blender, fill with the turned-out mix a glass for wine, add several ice cubes and give to a table.

4. Also Koarnado cocktail with a delicate creamy-peach flavor is very good. You need cognac, peach liqueur, cream, banana and chocolate. Banana should be cooled previously in the fridge. Take 40 milliliters of cream, on 20 milliliters of cognac and peach liqueur, a banana half, put in the blender and properly shake up. Pour drink in a high glass. Rub segment of chocolate on a small grater and decorate cocktail with chocolate shaving.

5. Indulge to yourself in the summer with low alcohol dairy and banana cocktail which is also cooked on the basis of cognac. Take 250 grams of ice cream (ice cream or creamy will approach), 1 banana, 130 milliliters of milk and 25 milliliters of cognac. Separately shake up in the blender ice cream with milk, then add small cut banana and cognac there and properly mix all ingredients once again. Cocktail is recommended to be served with a tubule.

6. Strong cocktail with the pleasant refreshing flavor can be made from cognac, absinthe and a peppermint-flavored liqueur. In advance put glasses which you plan to use for giving of cocktail, in the fridge. Mix in a shaker 10 milliliters of liqueur and absinthe, add to them 40 milliliters of cognac. After mix becomes uniform, pour cocktail in the cooled glass.

7. Cocktails are to cognac not only cold, but also hot. One of the most known and at the same time the easiest in preparation is a coffee with cognac. To indulge itself with the warming drink, make coffee of habitual fortress, add to it two teaspoons of cognac and sugar to taste. If desired at cocktail there can be spices – cinnamon, a carnation, an orange dried peel and also milk.

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