How to make cocktails on the basis of alcohol

How to make cocktails on the basis of alcohol

It is easy to make alcohol-containing cocktails in house conditions. For this purpose the blender or a shaker, favourite alcoholic drinks, good mood and desire to surprise the guests is required.

It is required to you

  • - milk, sugar, cherry juice, cocoa, cherry fruit liqueur, cherry berries;
  • - water, sugar, carnation, cinnamon, tea, red wine, rum, lemon crust;
  • - Scotch whisky, lemon juice, honey, water;
  • - banana flavored liqueur, sugar syrup, rum, lemon juice, ice;
  • - milk, sugar, nutmeg, vanilla, carnation, coffee, vodka;
  • - eggs, icing sugar, chocolate, cognac, coffee-flavored liqueur, milk, rum, chocolate liqueur, ice cream.


1. Spirit cocktails are present at the menu of any bar and restaurant, and their range just blows the mind. Today such tasty refreshing drinks with addition of alcohol can be made also at home, and the most, apparently, improper ingredients can be their part. Everything depends on your imagination and flavoring addictions. How to make spirit cocktails?

2. For preparation of Brandied cherries cocktail it is necessary to place in a blender bowl milk in number of 3 glasses, sugar in number of 2 tablespoons, ½ liters of cherry juice, 5 teaspoons of cocoa and 1 tablespoon of cherry fruit liqueur. Weight shake up, pour drink on glasses and decorate with cherry berries.

3. Cocktail a baking plate is cooked by the name "Tea Punch in Indian" so: pour 0.75 ml of water in a pan, add to it 125 g of sugar, 2-3 carnations and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cook on slow fire within 10 minutes. Make a floor of liter of any tea, cool and marry it with 1 bottle of red wine, 50 ml of light rum and the filtered syrup. Pour on glasses and decorate them spiralevidno with the cut lemon crust.

4. To make Blue Blazer cocktail it is necessary to pour in a pan 60 ml of Scotch whisky, 10 ml of juice of a lemon, 20 g of honey and 75 ml of plain water. To bring slowly to the boil and at once to remove from fire. As soon as honey completely to be dissolved, pour out pan contents in a glass.

5. If at you is at home a shaker, you can cook practically any home-made spirit cocktails. All members of the women's company will appreciate Banana Daiquiri cocktail. Place in a shaker 20 ml of banana flavored liqueur, 10 ml of a sugar syrup, 30 ml of any rum, 20 ml of juice of a lemon or juice of a lime and several ice cubes. Having well stirred up, to pour out in a glass and to decorate it with a banana circle.

6. Drink under the name "Tail of a Monkey" can be a good alternative to the well-known cocktail "Irish Cream". If is planned to bring together the big company, take 2 l of milk and put it on fire, having added 6 tablespoons of sugar, ½ teaspoons of nutmeg, a vanilla bean and 2 sticks of a carnation. Boil within 6 minutes, after to remove from fire and pour 4 tablespoons of coffee into milk. Cool and pour in one bottle of vodka. Serve cocktail well cooled and filtered.

7. New year can become an excellent reason for preparation of Egg-nog "New Year's". For this purpose it is necessary to shake up 6 yolks, to separately beat 6 whites from 50 g of icing sugar. To grate chocolate in number of 50 g. Pour in a jorum in 250 ml of cognac, 250 ml of milk, 250 ml of dark rum, 200 ml of chocolate liqueur, 200 ml of a coffee-flavored liqueur, to add the shaken-up yolks and 500 g of creamy ice cream. To mix everything, to decorate drink with proteins and to strew from above with grated chocolate.

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