How to make cocktails with Coca

How to make cocktails with Coca

Mix of Coca-Cola and alcohol can become unostentatious and light cocktail. It is possible to call this drink safe, it will be to the taste to many guests. On the basis of Coca it is possible to make also soft drinks with addition of cream, juice, ice cream, they will have to tastes to children.

Vodka with колойЭтот cocktail is cooked very simply.

It will be required to us:

- 15 ml of quality vodka; - 20 ml of schnapps; - 15 ml of Malibu rum; - 35 ml of milk; - 30 ml of Coca. Mix all listed ingredients in a shaker. Add ice cubes to a glass, pour cocktail. Cognac with a koloykofa and cognac - a combination, habitual for all, and here cognac and Coca - great drink for a student's party.

It will be required to us: - 300 ml of Coca; - 30 ml of cognac; - 1 h spoon of instant coffee. In a high glass pour cold Coca, add cognac, coffee, shake up before formation of a light skin. And мороженогоТеперь we learn cocktail from Coca, how to prepare nonalcoholic cocktails. This original милкшейк will be to the taste to children and adults. It will be required to us: - 2 glasses of Coca; - 1/2 glasses of ice cream (it is better vanilla); - 1/2 glasses of cream; - 1/2 glasses of milk. Mix all components of cocktail in the blender, shake up to uniform consistence. Pour on glasses, decorate with cocktail cherry. Cocktail with Coca and peanut siropomdanny cocktail can be both alcoholic, and nonalcoholic. It will be required to us: - 50 ml whisky/ice cream; - 30 ml of peanut syrup; - Coca. If you do nonalcoholic cocktail, then mix Coca with ice cream and syrup. If alcoholic, then don't add ice cream, take whisky. Give with ice.

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