How to make coffee in a thermos

How to make coffee in a thermos

Take coffee in a thermos – what can be better for a long journey? Especially important it for those who go by the car constantly and far. In a thermos it is possible to make both a black coffee, and green. In addition, a thermos – excellent ware for a coffee zavarivaniye for the house use, for example, if it is necessary to serve coffee to guests.

Coffee in a thermos to the road

Scald a thermos boiled water, then fill in it ground coffee. Use approximately ¾ from a usual dosage. As coffee will be ready on the way for a long time, it will turn out very strong if to put usual amount of coffee powder. Usually on 1 liter of water there is enough 9-10 spoons of a black coffee. It is better to take a fine crushing.

Leave a thermos for 2-3 minutes, but don't close a cover. After this time add sugar or milk to taste and only then twist a cover. Coffee dozavaritsya on the way.

True gourmets claim that it is possible to store the coffee made in a thermos only 2 hours, then it gradually loses the taste and aroma. Nevertheless the invigorating properties of drink in 2 hours don't disappear.

How to make green coffee in a thermos

For those who prefer to take green coffee there are recipes for a thermos too, and they it is even simpler. Unlike a black coffee, green doesn't lose the properties for many hours therefore to worry about loss of taste and aroma it isn't necessary to you. Rinse a thermos with boiled water from within, then fill up coffee in the necessary quantity. Use 10-12 teaspoons of ground green coffee on 1 liter of boiled water. Wait several minutes, without closing a cover: it is necessary that water when cooling didn't lose good taste. Then it is possible to close a thermos and to take. For improvement of taste it is possible to add cinnamon, fresh berries or fruit, mint leaves, lime slices, small cut ginger to green coffee. Green coffee is good the fact that it allows to experiment more actively with additives, than black. It is possible for the reason that the taste of green coffee is much less expressed in itself.

Zavarivany coffee for the house

Sometimes it is necessary to make quickly tasty coffee on the big company, and there is no coffee maker of suitable volume near at hand. Cook everything in the Turk would be very long as several calling for now the last cup is ready will be required, the first will already become cold and tasteless. Some people make coffee in a pan, but this way demands special skill as drink easily and imperceptibly begins to boil and it turns out tasteless. A thermos – the excellent ware allowing to receive fragrant coffee in the necessary quantity. Coffee in a thermos about 10 minutes is cooked. Rinse a thermos with boiled water, then put coffee at the rate of 12 teaspoons of a black coffee of a fine crushing on 1 liter of water then fill in with one or two glasses of boiled water. Now wait 5 minutes, densely don't close a cover, it is enough to cover a thermos only. Then open it and add the boiling water up to the necessary volume. Wait 5 more minutes. Coffee is ready! It was necessary only to filter it and to pour on cups.

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