How to make cookies from semolina without flour use

How to make cookies from semolina without flour use

Sweet cookies – one of the most popular types of a dessert equally well suitable as to a cup of some hot beverage (coffee, cocoa or tea), and to a glass of cold dairy product (milk or kefir, fermented baked milk or yogurt).

There is a lot of recipes of this delicacy. And today we offer one of them is very unpretentious (both on a set of ingredients, and on a way of preparation) cookies from semolina.

In its structure there is no gram of flour. But besides semolina we will add a little starch to dough for cookies and an orange dried peel (for giving to baking of a light citrus note). 


  • 40 g of granulated sugar;
  • 40 g of potato starch;
  • 40 g of melted butter (or creamy);
  • 60 ml of whole cow's milk;
  • 170 g of semolina;
  • 1 egg;
  • pinch of small salt;
  • coffee spoon of vanilla sugar;
  • coffee spoon (more) the dried orange dried peel crushed to a condition of powder (or lemon is possible);
  • coffee spoon with the mound of baking powder;
  • handful of small candied fruits.

Additions of composition of ingredients for semolina cookies in the form of shredded nuts, coconut flakes, pieces of chocolate, raisin or poppy will make pastries even more appetizingly and more variously on taste.

If necessary oil of animal origin can always be replaced vegetable flavourless, and instead of baking powder to use baking soda, having reduced the specified quantity twice. And if still to replace milk with water, and egg banana, then cookies will turn out fast and truly vegetarian.

Exit: 11 cookies. Preparation time – 55-60 minutes.

Process of preparation of cookies of semolina without flour

We break egg and we pour out in a bowl. There we fill up vanilla and usual sugar and by means of a nimbus we shake up to a light skin. It is possible to use also the mixer. We kindle oil (the microwave will cope with this task for only a few seconds).

We pour in a bowl with a sweet egg mixture in milk, the kindled oil (it shouldn't be hot), we add salt. We mix ingredients.

Now we fill up in liquid mix all semolina together with an orange dried peel and well we mix the same nimbus.

We leave bowl contents alone for 10-15 minutes that semolina became impregnated with moisture and I bulked up.

As soon as weight a little thickens, we fill up in it other dry ingredients (starch and baking powder). Everything is carefully mixed and we wait still literally for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile we warm up an oven to 180 °C. We dim a baking tray the sheet of parchment which is well oiled by any. We form cookies (it can have any form and the size) of the gentle viscous test and at once we spread on parchment at a respectful distance from each other. From above we press candied fruits. We send a baking tray with preparations for 20-23 minutes to an oven.

When cookies from semolina are reddened to a golden shade, we get a baking tray from an oven and for a couple of minutes we leave on a table.

Then accurately we remove very gentle and crisp biscuit from parchment and, having placed on a lattice, we cool. In the absence of such adaptation as a lattice, we dim a plate or a wooden board tissues and we stack pastries on them.

We shift already cooled down semolina cookies in serving ware and we give to a table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team