How to make cowberry and apples jam

How to make cowberry and apples jam

Cowberry and apples jam is very useful both for adults, and children, it is vitamin-rich and, besides, has unusual refined taste. It is absolutely simple to weld it, the main thing is to follow the recipe of its preparation and to observe proportions.

It is required to you

  • 500 g of cowberry;
    • 500 g of apples;
    • 3 kg of apples;
    • 1 glass of water.


1. For preparations jam from cowberry with apples touch ripe berries, desteming, dry residues of flowers and other impurity, and carefully wash their baking plate with cold water. Take a pan which sizes there is a little more than the sizes of colander in which you will blanch berries and apples, pour in waters and bring it to the boil. Then take small portions of cowberry, place them in a colander and blanch every portion berries in the boiling water of 2-3 min. As a result from cowberry the bitterness, undesirable to jam, inherent in taste of this berry will be removed.

2. Wash out the apples intended for jam - it is desirable to take fruits of grades "anise" or "antonovsky", then the taste of jam will be more saturated and original, and remove from them a core. Take a knife, cut apples on thin segments about 7-8 mm thick and blanch them in the portions as well as cowberry berries.

3. Put in water in which berries and apples, sugar were blanched and weld a sugar syrup on strong fire. Don't forget that it when cooking it is necessary to stir slowly constantly until sugar completely is dissolved in water - it is necessary in order that it didn't stick to a bottom, and syrup didn't have unpleasant yellow color. Accurately put in ready hot syrup the blanched apples and cowberry and you cook jam, stirring slowly with it and scumming a skimmer or a spoon, on small fire about 20-25 min. until ready. Its approach can be determined by so-called "drop" test - the drop of syrup of ready jam which is carefully poured out on a dry clean plateau shouldn't blur.

4. While jam cools down, wash out glass jars and let's them dry. Shift in them the cooled-down apples and cowberry jam, close banks previously washed out dry covers and you store in the dark cool place.

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