How to make cream soup in the blender

How to make cream soup in the blender

Cream soup – a dish tasty, nourishing and fashionable. It with pleasure is ordered at restaurants and cafe, it is loved by girls, children and solid men. But not everyone is sure that the same tasty soup can be created without problems in own kitchen. However any hostess by means of the ordinary blender will easily turn a set of habitual products into tasty soup – puree.


1. Cream soup can be made both by means of the submersible blender, and in the blender bowl. As for the products necessary for soup, everything depends only on desire of the hostess. It is possible to make nourishing cream soup on meat soup, a cream from mushrooms, a dietary vegetable soup. A cream soup is served as we heat, and cold, there are also dessert options of such soups. The general principle of their preparation – previously softened products by means of the blender are led up to a pyureobrazny state.

2. A cream soup from морковиВ a metal stewpan warm 30 g of oil, add 300 g of the carrots cut by circles and a half of small cut bulb. Cover a frying pan and you extinguish about 10 minutes. Add ginger powder. Pour in 0.5 l of the chicken broth (which is previously cooked or ready, from packing). Salt, add a black sprinkling pepper. You extinguish mix about 40 minutes. Slightly cool soup, pour out it in a bowl of the blender and crush to a pyureobrazny state. If you don't like grainy texture of a cream soup, after grinding wipe with the blender ready soup through a sieve. Pour out mix back in a stewpan and you will bring it to the boil. Pour in 50 ml of cream, mix. Decorate ready soup with a branch of cilantro and a circle of carrots.

3. With gribami500 of potatoes peel potatoes cream soup, cut medium-sized pieces. You cook in a small amount of the added some salt water until ready. Small cut 1 bulb, fry it on vegetable oil. Add 200 g of the cut champignons to onions, salt and fry onions with mushrooms to full readiness and evaporation of water. Place mushrooms, onions and potatoes in the blender and crush to a pyureobrazny state. Mix 250 ml of milk and 250 ml of cream, add mix to the blender and shake up once again. Pour out soup in a pan and bring it to the boil. Before giving decorate ready soup with feathers of green shnitt-onions.

4. Put dessert soup-pyure600 of of a frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants) in a pan, add 250 g of granulated sugar, close a cover and you cook in a small amount of water about 15 minutes. Cool ready mix and pour out it in the blender. Crush berries. Pour out ready soup in portion cups and put in the fridge. Before giving lay out a ball of creamy ice cream in each cup and decorate with a branch of fresh mint.

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