How to make cream with condensed milk

How to make cream with condensed milk

Tasty cream – the integral component of juicy cake, gentle cakes, air eclairs and refined croissants. Try to prepare its different options: creamy, chocolate, cottage cheese or fruit, having included in all recipes one obligatory ingredient – condensed milk.

Classical butter cream with condensed milk


- 1 bank of a condensed milk (400 g); - 250 g of a desi;

- 2 g of vanillin.

Choose for creation of tasty cream only quality butter and the real condensed milk made in accordance with GOST, but not so-called milk-containing product.

Get a desi from the fridge in 40 minutes prior to cream preparation. Shake up it a nimbus or the mixer at a slow speed. Continuing to shake up oil weight, enter into it thinner stream condensed milk. As soon as mix becomes uniform, pour vanillin. Fill with ready cream a wafer rolls, eclairs or miss the mark biscuit cake layers. If you want to receive chocolate or coffee taste, add couple of spoons of cocoa powder or instant coffee to this cream.

Custard with condensed milk

Ingredients: - 0.5 banks of condensed milk; - 1 cups of milk; - 3 tablespoons of flour; - 50 g of a desi; - 1 cups of sugar. Pour milk in a small pan or a stewpan, vent with sugar and flour and put on weak fire. Weld white syrup, constantly stirring slowly with his wooden shovel until grains of a sweet loose component completely are dissolved. If flour lumps were formed, pull out them a skimmer. Remove ware from a plate, cool contents, connect it to condensed milk, the softened butter and properly stir.

Cottage cheese cream with condensed milk

Ingredients: - 200 g of cottage cheese; - 120 g of a desi; - 150 g of a condensed milk; - 1 bag of vanilla sugar; - 1 tablespoons of cognac or liqueur. Wipe cottage cheese through a small sieve by means of a reverse side of a tablespoon. Pound a soft desi with vanilla sugar, gradually pour in condensed milk and right at the end cognac or liqueur. Shake up all components of cream in one ware. This dessert filler is ideal for preparation of cakes.

Fruit cream from condensed milk

Ingredients: - 1 bank of a condensed milk; - 500 ml of 25% sour cream; - 250 g of fruit or berries (bananas, oranges, mango, strawberry, blackcurrant and so forth).

If fruit or berries too watery, merge surplus of juice or add to puree a little gelatin or starch, otherwise cream can be stratified.

Carefully wash up fruit or berries, clean and make puree of uniform consistence. Mix it with sour cream and condensed milk in the blender. Remove cream in the fridge for 3 hours, then cook pastries.

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