How to make croutons for beer

How to make croutons for beer

Croutons — simple traditional snack for beer. It is possible to make them in house conditions. And such croutons to taste won't concede store, and here harm from such snack will be one many less.

It is required to you

  • For spicy croutons:
    • — 0.5 loaves of bread (it is desirable "Darnytsia");
    • — 1.5 tsps of salt;
    • — 1 tsps of dry spicery;
    • — 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil.
    • For croutons with tomato paste:
    • — 1 loaf of a rye bread;
    • — 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste;
    • — salt
    • pepper to taste;
    • — vegetable oil.
    • For croutons "Kiriyeshki Home-style":
    • — 1 big long loaf;
    • — 2 chicken cubes;
    • — 3-4 garlic gloves;
    • — 50 ml of vegetable oil.


1. Spicy to a sukharikinarezhta bread cubes with the party in 1-1.5 cm. Put grain pieces in a plastic bag, fill up salt and spices to your taste (for example, chili powder, khmeli suneli, dry ground greens). Tie a package and carefully shake that salt and spicery were distributed evenly.

2. Pour to bread with spices in vegetable oil. Once again close a package and stir oil. Scatter grain cubes on a baking sheet, level that croutons lay in 1 layer. Put in the oven warmed to 160-180os and you dry to desirable degree of hardness. From time to time mix spicy croutons and taste them.

3. Croutons with tomato to a pastoyotrezhta at a rye bread a crust. Cut a crumb on slices. Carefully mix tomato paste, salt and pepper to a uniform state. Very thin layer smear with spicy tomato paste each piece of bread. Then cut it small bars. Fry croutons in a hot frying pan with addition of vegetable oil before emergence of a crust.

4. Croutons "Kiriyeshki Home-style" Cut long loaf on cubes about 1 cm in size and pour out them in a deep bowl. Pound chicken cubes in powder or at once use dry seasoning for soup with chicken flavor. Taste seasoning to define amount of salt. Miss garlic via the garlic press or small chop. Add to chicken cubes garlic, vegetable oil and salt to taste, carefully stir.

5. Fill up seasoning to bread and properly stir mix a hand, evenly distributing filling. Each crouton has to be covered with spicy mix. Warm an oven to 150 wasps. If in an oven there is a mode of compulsory circulation of hot air, then include it. Lay out bread on a baking tray a small layer and leave to be dried within 20-30 minutes.

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