How to make cutlets in sour cream sauce

How to make cutlets in sour cream sauce

Cutlets – a usual dish. It is enough to prepare for them a garnish, and the simple lunch is ready. But if desired it is easy to change it, and then habitual food will turn into delicacy of the gourmet. The new taste and additional juiciness to it will be given by tasty gravy. Make cutlets in sour cream sauce, and you will hardly return to former boring recipes.

Meat cutlets in sour cream sauce


- 250 g of pork; - 150 g of beef; - 100 g of white bread;

- 100 ml of milk; - 1 bulb; - 80 g of a hard unsweetened cheese; - 1/3 tsps of a black sprinkling pepper; - 3/4 tsps of salt; - vegetable oil; For sauce: - on 1 tablespoon of a desi and flour; - 3 tablespoons of sour cream;

- salt pinch. Wash up meat, dry and cut with bars. Clean a bulb and cut on quarters. Soak bread in milk. Miss everything via the meat grinder, season with pepper, salt and properly vent, it is desirable hands. Roll balls from forcemeat and slightly press down them, giving the form of cutlets.

Kindle a desi in a frying pan or a stewpan. Pour flour there, fry thoroughly it a little, there will be no light brown color yet then add sour cream and salt. You hold mix on small fire before solidification. Warm an oven to 180oC. Oil a heat resisting form vegetable, lay in it meat minced collops, cover them with white sauce. Pour in ware of 1/2 cups of warm water and bake cutlets in sour cream sauce half an hour. In 5 minutes until the end of preparation of a dish strew it with a grated cheese.

Liver cutlets in sour cream sauce

Ingredients: - 750 g of beef or pork liver; - 1 cups of milk; - 250 g of unsalted lard; - 7 garlic segments; - 1 tsps of soda; - 1 tsps of salt; - 3 tablespoons of flour; - vegetable oil; For sauce: - 2 bulbs; - 100 ml of sour cream; - 1/3 tsps of salt. Soak a liver in milk within 30 minutes, wash up it cold water and accurately cut off bilious channels. Cut an offal on small parts, turn them in the meat grinder or crush in the blender. Crush garlic in a special press or grate, small chop lard. Mix all prepared ingredients with soda, salt and flour and carefully mix everything so that it wasn't formed lumps. Heat oil in a frying pan with a thick bottom. As soon as begins to crackle, fry in it liver cutlets, gaining weight a tablespoon, to a golden crust. Shift them to a paper towel to remove excess fat. Brown the onions cut in cubes in vegetable oil, it is possible in the same ware where the dish basis was preparing. As soon as it is reddened, a prisolita it, lay out in a bowl, fill in with sour cream and stir. Put cutlets in a pan, alternating them to sauce layers, close a cover and you extinguish at the minimum temperature of 15-20 minutes.

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