How to make cutlets with gravy

How to make cutlets with gravy

Cutlets with sauce as gravy became classics of modern food. Thanks to suppression in sauce, cutlets remain soft. To receive tasty and gentle sauce, at its preparation it is necessary to consider several nuances.

It is required to you

  • 500 g of the mixed forcemeat
    • 1 head of onions
    • 1 segment of garlic
    • slice of white loaf
    • 100 ml. milk or cream
    • bread crumbs
    • 2 tablespoons of flour
    • 3 tablespoons of a tomato pulp or tomato paste
    • salt
    • pepper
    • cooking oil


1. You can buy forcemeat for cutlets already ready, and you can make it independently. porkand beefTake proportions of to the taste and a discretion.

2. Wet bread in milk or cream, slightly wring out it from liquid, well crush.

3. Chop small onions. Some like to roast slightly onions before adding it to forcemeat. They assure that it does cutlets even more gently.

4. Mix forcemeat, bread, onions in a bowl, add the crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Well vent cutlet weight hands.

5. Create small oblong cutlets, roll in them in crackers, fry on strong fire before formation of a light ruddy crust. There will be nothing terrible if inside they remain a little crude, all of you will equally finish them until ready the subsequent suppression.

6. When all cutlets are ready, on the fat which remained after their frying to a spasseruyta wheat flour. Part tomato paste with 1 glass of water, pour out it in a frying pan.

7. Well stir the turned-out sauce, bring to the boil, put in it cutlets, cover and let's be stewed on slow fire of minutes 10-15.

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