How to make domestic wine

How to make domestic wine

Production of domestic wine requires raw materials, sugar, for some types of berries – wine yeast, a container, tanks and respect for technology of preparation. Still time is required – of half a year that wine was stood and became suitable for the use.

Raw materials

Raw materials have to be of good quality. You shouldn't do wine of the begun to rot, spoiled fruits and berries. They have to be not overripe, not damaged and suitable in food. It is the best of all to cook wine from grapes of special grades. But if there are no such raw materials, any will approach. From blue grapes red wine, from yellow – white, from red – pink will turn out. It is possible by method of blending to mix juice of grapes of different color and to receive interesting shades and tastes.

Except grapes, it is possible to cook any garden and wild berries wine (raspberries, blackberries, sweet cherries, cherries, currants, a gooseberry, strawberry, a wild strawberry, cowberry) and also from fruits – from apples, plums and apricots.

Container and ware for domestic wine

Ideally for preparation of wine to use wooden barrels from an oak. As in the city this container isn't always available, it is possible to do wine in glass large bottles which are hermetically closed by traffic jams. In traffic jams it is necessary to make openings and to insert rubber tubes, having hermetically closed up edges of an opening in places of contact with a tube. For ready wine it is possible to use bottles with the twisting lids or traffic jams. The main condition – sterility.

Preparation of wine

Except fruit and berries, sugar is required. Its quantity depends on the fortress of drink which you want to receive. The wine is more sweet, the more strong. In wine of the standard strength of 9-12 degrees of sugar - 20-25%. Further it is necessary to choose the room in which wine will wander and be stood. Air temperature in it has to be +20 … 25 °C, without big fluctuations. At first from raw materials it is necessary to receive a mash which then has to perebrodit, be clarified and be stood. It is impossible to wash raw materials before preparation of wine. At a surface of fruit and berries there are bacteria thanks to which there will be a fermentation process. If wine from grapes, these bacteria is enough. It is necessary to add wine yeast to other fruits and berries. It is the best of all to receive a mash (transparent juice) from raw materials on the juice extractor. Juicy berries and fruits can be rumpled a masher and to wring out manually through fabric. The remained cake it is necessary to boil thoroughly half an hour and to add broth to a raw juice. But at first, if necessary, it is necessary to add yeast to a raw juice (1-2 g on mash liter), then sugar – 100-150 g on juice liter, depending on raw materials acid. When juice begins to wander (2-3 days later), it should be poured out in the capacity which is closed by a stopper with a tube. The end of a tube opposite falls to the container with water. Fermentation will take place for 2 months. Then month wine has to settle in the cool place. After that accurately through a hose it is merged in bottles, corked hermetically and at least three months at +10 °C allow to be stood.

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