How to make domestic wine of a gooseberry

How to make domestic wine of a gooseberry

Gooseberry - great berry for preparation of domestic wine. For this purpose more the gooseberry which, keeping up, becomes yellow will approach. Do sweet, dry, sweet wines of this berry. If to add more sugar, then liqueur will turn out already.

It is required to you

  • - gooseberry;
  • - sugar;
  • - water;
  • - bank or large bottle.


1. To make from a gooseberry wine in a wooden keg, take ripe yellow or slightly reddish berries in number of 8 kilograms. Touch them and crush by means of a wooden masher. Leave the mashed berries for 3 days. Then squeeze out from them juice by means of a press or a gauze. Alburnum fill in 2 l of water and from it squeeze out juice too, but in other capacity. Rinse a keg of 250 ml of the fad and pour in it in both types of juice, add sugar to taste. Put a container with contents for 4 months for fermentation. This process can occupy 2 weeks less. Every 3 day pour in a glass of ice water in capacity. When fermentation stops – close a container a water lock. Carbon dioxide will come out capacity on a tubule which end is lowered in water. In such look gooseberry wine has to stay 9 months. After that pour it on bottles, a zakuporta and remove in a cold spot. In 10 days you can taste home-made drink.

2. If there is a wish to try quicker gooseberry wines, then you can use other method of preparation. Knead 3 kg of berries and so far move away them. Weld syrup from three liters of water and 2 kg of sugar. When it cools down to room temperature, fill in with it the mashed berries. Pour all this in a large bottle and remove for a week to cool place. Daily shake up contents. Then on its surface the mold won't be formed. After seven days filter the begun to ferment drink. Throw out berries, and pour juice in bank or in other large bottle which it is possible to put on a water lock. If it is absent, then use a usual glove from thin rubber in which make a puncture. Let in this capacity juice will wander 5-7 days. When it becomes transparent, pour it on bottles and their zakuporta. In a cool wine will ripen about two months. After that it can be used.

3. If you want to make kryzhovnikovy wine which will be very fragrant and to remind Madeira, then take 2.5 kg of ripe berries. Suppress them a wooden pestle and remove for 3 days to be defended. After this time filter juice and add to it 3 l of water and 1.5 kg of sugar. Pour out all this in bank, cover with a water lock for 2 months. Then carefully merge from a deposit, distribute on bottles and remove for 2-3 months during cold. After that you can try fruits of the works.

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