How to make domestic wine of grapes: simple recipe

How to make domestic wine of grapes: simple recipe

The best grape wine is the wine created in house conditions. My secret of its preparation has roots in the past of my grandfather who lived in solar Adygea and cooked this amazing drink from the best grades of grapes from own vineyard. Having taken its experience and having added the, we received the unique recipe for domestic wine. And now tasty and useful drink always is on our table.


1. It isn't as difficult to make domestic wine of own grapes as it seems at first sight. We cook wine from grades ""Isabella"" or Moldova. The best time for vintage - the end of September or the beginning of October. Berries have to be juicy and mature. Accurately cut off them from a rod and touch.

2. It is easy to make grapes wine in house conditions on this simple recipe. In the beginning prepare capacity. Best of all ware from glass, stainless steel or food plastic will approach. You remember grapes so that it started up juice. Previously it isn't necessary to wash grapes. Put weight in the prepared ware. Grape mass has to fill capacity on three quarters.

3. Then make syrup of water with addition of sugar. On each ten liters of weight from grapes it is necessary to add three liters of water, and on one liter of water - three hundred grams of sugar. For preparation of syrup use water of room temperature. Mix syrup with a weight from grapes and leave in the room at a temperature of 23 - 25 degrees at one and a half or two weeks. Daily mix wine to avoid souring at preparation.

4. Check readiness of wine vinometry and for taste. When the fortress of wine reaches 10-12 degrees, and existence of sugar from 0 to 4, it is possible to start the next stage of preparation of domestic wine. Filter the received drink through a gauze or a sieve, pour in a glass large bottle. At you it has to turn out from fifty liters of the prepared raw materials thirty - thirty five liters of a domestic dry wine.

5. The large bottle with wine is left in the warm room for two-three days. For control of fermentation the water pompon is established on a large bottle. It can be got in shop or to make independently. For this purpose make in a plastic cover which will be put on a large bottle, an opening. Insert one end of a plastic tube into an opening on a cover, and lower another in ware with water.

6. While wine ferments, bubbles will appear on a water surface. The lack of bubbles will speak about a fermentation stop. Now wine can be spilled in a large bottle and to store in the dark cool place. It is possible to make it an easy way by means of a plastic tube. One end of a tube let remains in the container with wine, and lower another in a bottle. Having poured wine, you store it in the dark and cool place. The best place for storage of domestic wine - the basement.

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