How to make dried apricots

How to make dried apricots

Dried apricots is the dried-up halves of apricots. It is very useful to health because it contains a lot of magnesium and calcium, organic acids, mineral salts and pectins and also iodine and carotene. Consumption of dried apricots is shown during the autumn and winter period and for treatment and prevention of a number of diseases.


1. Dried apricots can be dried up independently. For this purpose buy good apricots, wash up them and remove stones. Then take in a colander over the boiling water of 10-15 minutes. Then put apricots on pure white fabric and dry from moisture. Put in an oven for 8-10 hours at a temperature of 65 degrees. When apricots dry and dried apricots paoluchitsya, put it in capacity from a tree (but not in fir-tree or pine). There fruits have to lie down 3 weeks, then they will keep all valuable properties.

2. It is possible to dry up apricots and in the sun. Select good fruits, wash out and cut on halves, remove stones. As well as the last way, take over the boiling water in a colander of 10-15 minutes. Dry on a cotton white rag, string on a thread and hang up in the sun. It is possible to suspend apricots on a tree or to put on a lattice, a sieve. The main thing – that air circulation was provided from all directions, otherwise fruits can begin to rot. The weather for drying has to be not wet, but hot and windy.

3. If you decided to buy ready dried apricots, then it is better to take dried up in the antiquated way. Commercially apricots dry in special drying cells where for giving of bright color fumigate with sulfur rather sulphurous anhydride. This substance can cause allergies therefore if aren't sure of a way of receiving dried apricots, choose goods slightly dim, reddish. It is possible to wet before the use dried apricots for 10-15 minutes in boiled water and to wash out carefully.

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