How to make dried apricots pie

How to make dried apricots pie

The dried apricots pie made according to the ancient recipe turns out not only incredibly tasty, but also useful. Content of dried apricots in it brings huge benefit for a human body, sating it with mineral substances, vitamins, organic acids and pectins.

It is required to you

  • For the test:
    • water – 2 glasses;
    • flour – 700 g;
    • yeast – 20 g;
    • sugar – 1 tablespoon;
    • salt – 1 h l;
    • vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons.
    • For a stuffing:
    • amber dried apricots – 1 kg;
    • sugar – 150 g.


1. Make yeast dough in the basic way. For this purpose in warm (30 °C) water dissolve necessary amount of yeast and pour a half of flour and a half of sugar. Put a sponge dough on an hour and a half to the warm place and cover with fabric that it reached and I increased in volume twice.

2. When the sponge dough rises, add to it salt, other flour, sugar, oil. Knead dough so that it easily lagged behind ware and didn't stick to hands. After a vymeshivaniye leave dough for fermentation for 1.5-2 hours. During dough lifting make one-two knock-backs.

3. After that roll dough in the form of an oval, put on the oiled baking tray, straighten, puncture in several places with a fork that at pastries on pie it wasn't formed swellings. Put an even layer transparent amber segments of dried apricots, accurately bend a side, grease with syrup from under dried apricots, decorate with flowers from the test which also grease with syrup, strew in the middle of a flower with poppy.

4. Prepare a stuffing as follows: wash up dried apricots, fill in with hot water that it covered dried apricots, fill up with sugar and you cook on slow fire about ten minutes to softness. Then cast away on a sieve or a colander and cool.

5. Bake the pie prepared thus at a temperature 180-200os until ready. As soon as pie blushes - it is ready. At the baked pie a side and segments of dried apricots a brush accurately to a zaglaziruyta (grease) with syrup in which dried apricots cooked. Strew the cooled-down pie with vanilla sugar and cut small squares or rectangles.

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