How to make drink for weight loss

How to make drink for weight loss

Many heard that for weight loss it is necessary to drink a lot of water, but not all know about existence of drinks which will help to bring toxins out of an organism quicker. The nutritionist Cynthia Sass invented own recipe (Sassy Water) gaining the increasing popularity and which is considered as the most effective, thanks to it, some girls dump up to 10 kg in a week.

It is required to you

  • - 2 l of water (it is possible to use a 2-liter jar to make drink for the whole day);
  • - 1 tsps of ginger;
  • - 1 cucumber;
  • - 1 lemon;
  • - 12 leaves of mint (it is desirable a peppermint if it is absent, then any will approach).


1. Grate ginger, it is irreplaceable in this drink because it accelerates a metabolism.

2. Clean and cut a cucumber. This vegetable not only helps to transform carbohydrates to fats and also possesses diuretic and bile-expelling action.

3. Wash up lemons (it is possible to add other citrus), to cut. The lemon promotes a metabolism normalzation in an organism.

4. Take a jug or to bank (2-liter or divide all ingredients into two liter). Pour 2 liters of clean drinking water and add ginger, a cucumber, a lemon and mint which we made in advance. Drink is ready. It possesses a pleasant flavor and aroma thanks to which it is very pleasant to drink it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team