How to make fat-burning smoothie

How to make fat-burning smoothie

Fat-burning smoothie helps to burn effectively calories and fat on a stomach. It saturates an organism with various vitamins and minerals, increases immunity, accelerates metabolism, improves a dream, will allow to be more vigorous, than usually.

It is required to you

  • - 0.5 glasses of water
  • - 1 pieces of a lemon
  • - 1 pieces of a cucumber
  • - 1 tablespoons of a grated root of ginger
  • - 1 tablespoons of juice scarlet belief.


1. The lemon is rich with cellulose and vitamin C, besides, this fruit is lost by risk of a set of weight.

2. The cucumber provides an organism with moisture, reduces glucose level in an organism. Despite low calorie content, in it there are a lot of nutritive matters.

3. Ginger promotes combustion of fat, improves activity, strengthens metabolism for the whole 20 percent, works as the power engineering specialist.

4. Aloe juice the belief improves immunity, provokes an organism detoxication, has anti-inflammatory properties that is very important at weight loss.

5. Parsley is rich with vitamin C and beta carotene, strengthens the immune system, controls appetite and reduces thirst for food.

6. It is necessary to put all ingredients in the blender and to crush at a high power.

7. Useful smoothie is ready! He not only will help to put the figure in order, but will also perfectly refresh and will add cheerfulness. Enjoy your meal!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team