How to make ferment for kvass

How to make ferment for kvass

During a heat getting always thirsty, but not all drinks quickly satisfy thirst. However it is possible to make kvass. This amazing drink was appreciated at all times. Here only at first it will be required to make ferment.

It is possible to make ferment for kvass in several ways. However it will be required to get necessary ingredients, in each recipe they different, but very useful. As a result it will be possible to support the organism during a wearisome heat.

Grain ferment

Grain ferment is considered the most popular as drink on its basis turns out very tasty. For its preparation it will be required to find 125 g of sugar, 250 ml of warm water, 50 g of a compressed yeast, 20 g of dried bread.

When all components for ferment are collected, it will be necessary to take a saucepan, to pour a little boiled water, to put on fire and to warm up up to 40 OS. After that in it it is necessary to dissolve sugar and to wet grain dry crumbs. Weight is left alone for an hour that it well infused. During this time it is necessary to soak yeast in warm water. Now contents of both glasses mix up and put to the dark place for 2 days. After this time grain ferment can be used for preparation of home-made kvass.

Ferment without yeast

The recipe of ferment without yeast isn't less popular, here only on its fermentation more time will leave. However the taste will be just amazing therefore costs, at least once to prepare it according to this recipe. The following ingredients are necessary for ferment without yeast: 50 g of honey, 100 g of a rye bread, a peel from apples, 100 ml of boiled water, grape skins.

Into a saucepan it is poured a little warm boiled water, honey, an apple peel and grape skins are added. All ingredients mix well up and put to the dark place for fermentation. As soon as there pass 3 days, the container with ferment gets, and crumbs of rye dried bread are added to it. Then it goes away to the dark place again. As soon as process of fermentation becomes active, it is possible to begin preparation of kvass.

Ferment of their rye bread

It is possible to make ferment from a rye bread, then drink will have a peculiar taste and more dark color. For this purpose 1.5 kg of a rye bread, 100 g of yeast, 3 glasses of sugar, 10 l of boiled water will be required.

At first it is necessary to take a rye bread, to cut and fry small to a ruddy state in a frying pan with vegetable oil. Then everything shifts in a pan and is filled in with boiled water. Now the given weight has to stay 4 hours. Then it is filtered, and the yeast pounded with sugar is added to it. All this will need to be mixed and filtered through a gauze. In it there will be a thick which is ferment.

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