How to make figures of marzipan

How to make figures of marzipan

The word "marzipan" is translated from the German and Italian languages as "March bread", and absolutely not for nothing – products from marzipan weight in these countries are as habitual as bread is habitual. And here in Russia marzipan long time called a stuffing for buns from shredded nuts with sugar that, of course, is unfair delusion.

It is required to you

  • almonds - 3 glasses;
    • water - 1 glass;
    • sugar - 2 glasses;
    • icing sugar - 4 tablespoons;
    • food colors;
    • vegetable oil;
    • several drops of honey.


1. In a stewpan warm up water. Add sugar, stir slowly until it completely isn't dissolved. Bring syrup to the boil and let's boil a couple of minutes. Remove a stewpan from fire and shake up mix until syrup doesn't dim.

2. Peel almonds from skins. For this purpose put it in a bowl and fill in with boiled water. Leave for 10 minutes. Then fill in with cold water. Now nuts will be peeled easily. Dry them and crush in the coffee grinder. Add to a sugar syrup, carefully mix, put on fire and you cook 2-3 minutes. Then lay out mix on the surface strewed with icing sugar and knead marzipan weight.

3. Divide weight into several pieces. To paint marzipan in right color, make small deepening in a piece, drip dye there and carefully knead it. It is better to use for this purpose natural coloring matters, for example, a beet or berry juice.

4. From marzipan weight you stick together any figures, as from plasticine. Marzipan pretty fast dries therefore wrap up the weight which you don't use in polyethylene and if it dries up nevertheless, moisten hands with water. Paste fine details of figures to each other by means of a honey drop.

5. You can use also ready molds by means of which do jewelry for cakes. Oil such mold vegetable, take a piece of marzipan weight, fill with it a mold and properly stamp. Then turn a mold and sharply strike with it a table – marzipan will separate from it.

6. Strew ready figures with icing sugar. For storage wrap up them in parchment paper and put away in a box with densely closed cover.

7. There is also other way of coloring of figures. In a cup mix several tablespoons of clear alcoholic drink (for example, grappas) and on a drop add liquid food color there. Prepare several such dyes by amount of desirable colors and paint already ready marzipan figures by means of a thin brush. After that let's figures dry and cover from above with sugar coating.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team