How to make forcemeat for cutlets

How to make forcemeat for cutlets

All young and old love home-made, juicy and fragrant cutlets. Good hostesses prefer forcemeat to do for cutlets, of good meat, using the cunnings. Traditional method of preparation of forcemeat is most often used also at home, and in places of public catering.

It is required to you

  • 1) beef without bones - 0.5 kg;
    • 2) pork - 0.5 kg;
    • 3) white loaf - 0.200 g;
    • 4) milk - 0.5 glasses;
    • 5) eggs - 2 pieces;
    • 6) a bulb - 2 pieces of the average size;
    • 7) salt;
    • 8) pepper.


1. Take meat for cutlets without films and tendons, slightly frost-damaged. So it will be easier to be overwound via the meat grinder. When finish, add a little water to meat - cutlets will be more juicy.

2. Too turn onions, previously having cut on quarters. And better crush it in the blender - it isn't necessary to cry. You can spasserovat onions before putting in forcemeat. Soak in milk bread or long loaf without crust and add to meat, then break eggs there and put salt and pepper. Well mix everything - forcemeat for cutlets is ready.

3. For giving to forcemeat of viscosity ""beat"" him about a table or at formation throw cutlet from a hand on a hand. Do it, having wetted hands in water that forcemeat didn't stick to them. ""Hurling back"" becomes in order that cutlets when frying didn't collapse.

4. Roll in the formed cutlets in bread crumbs or flour and fry on mix vegetable and a desi until ready or quickly fry from two parties and extinguish in the closed frying pan of minutes 40, adding to it gradually hot water.

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