How to make fruit home-made fruit jelly

How to make fruit home-made fruit jelly

Preparation of fruit jelly in house conditions doesn't demand from the person of special skills of the confectioner or special ingredients. All necessary can be got in grocery store, and to order molds on the Internet.

Fruit jelly a nutritious product, contains in one 100-gram portion 320 kcal.

Fruit jelly consists of pectin, agar-agar and gelatin with various flavor additives. Pectin promotes a conclusion from an organism of hazardous substances, and agar-agar, inflating in intestines, the vermicular movement stimulates work. All components help work of a stomach, removing harmful toxins and heavy metals. Their adsorbing action cleans a liver. Workers of marmalade factories advise to prepare it, is frequent on production, for the sake of cheapening of goods, low-quality raw materials are bought.

How to make fruit jelly in house conditions? There are several recipes of fruit jelly differing both in way of preparation, and the main filler. In dependence, from the choice of the main ingredients, fruit jelly will have different flavoring properties.  

Sea-buckthorn and apricot fruit jelly

Ingredients: One glass of sea-buckthorn oil and apricot juice. Two teaspoons agar-agar. Is on sale in any shop, in department of Spezia. Glass of white sugar.

Way of preparation: In a glass of apricot juice 2 spoons of agar-agar are filled up, carefully mixes up. The received mix settles 30 minutes. From sugar and sea-buckthorn juice syrup cooks. Carefully mixing, it is possible to add any sweetener to syrup. Add the mix received in the first action to syrup. We diminish fire, expecting the beginning of boiling. After the beginning of boiling, on the same fire to leave to boil for five minutes. After five-minute boiling to switch off gas and to allow to cool down the received mix. Get in advance bought molds and fill in the received mix. Put molds in the fridge for 30 minutes.

After time to get already ready fruit jelly and to taste. If fruit jelly tasty also doesn't give bitterness, then it is possible safely it is! For giving to fruit jelly of more presentable top view it is possible to sugar. And for giving of durability to it outside and soft tenderness inside, it is necessary to spread out it on any surface and to leave for several days to dry.

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