How to make Garibaldi cocktail

How to make Garibaldi cocktail

Low alcohol drink which carries the name of the Italian soldier Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) enjoys wide popularity around the world. The valorous hero battled against foreign intervention and in many respects promoted reunification of separate Italy. He remained in the hearts of residents of the country as a symbol of independence and freedom. On color Garibaldi cocktail reminds a bright-red shirt of Giuseppe.

Garibaldi cocktail: general information

For the first time Garibaldi cocktail was made in Milan in 1861. In spite of the fact that from now on there passed several centuries, the recipe of this drink keeps the invariable classical structure: alcoholic drink, ice and fruit juice.

In 1987 Garibaldi's cocktail was included by the international association of bartenders of International Bartenders Association (IBA) in the collection of classical recipes.

Perhaps, such cocktail became popular thanks to simplicity — he prepares all in a couple of minutes from plain and available ingredients. To all other, it easily satisfies thirst. Red color gives to this low alcohol drink Campari bitter – bitter liqueur which basis is formed by a savoury herbs and fruit. And having added juice of a peach or pineapple, can give a new note the classical aroma and taste to cocktail.

That it is required to you for preparation of Garibaldi cocktail

Before starting direct creation of this masterpiece, prepare all necessary. The following objects will be necessary for you: - highball glass (Olt фэшн, tall glass); - a barmen knife or a knife for a dried peel; - cocktail spoon; - dzhigger (volumetric glass); - cocktail tubule. Also prepare ingredients: - orange juice – 50 ml; - peach juice – 50 ml (at will); - pineapple juice – 50 ml (at will); - liqueur of Campari – 50 ml; - ice cubes - several pieces; - orange segment with a dried peel (at will).

Preparation of Garibaldi cocktail

And now begin to perform a religious rite. 1. Put ice cubes in a highball glass (quantity according to your desire, but not less than 3-4 pieces). 2. Pour liqueur.3. Add orange juice (or all above-mentioned juice). 4. Accurately mix ingredients.5. Insert a tubule into the turned-out cocktail.

It is necessary to take this drink slowly, enjoying its refreshing orange flavor.

Beautiful contents of a glass need not less fine registration. It is possible to decorate drink with orange segment with a dried peel. For this purpose put this segment from above on ice or put on it a highball glass edge. Everything, your aperitif is ready! Now with its help you can revive your party with friends or bring brightness in your romantic dinner with darling. Garibaldi cocktail is the choice of free-spirited and independent women. Men will hardly like sweetish taste of low alcohol drink. Its fortress doesn't exceed 5%. Though who knows maybe such original combination of its ingredients will be to the taste to men.

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