How to make gentle potatoes and Korean carrots salad

How to make gentle potatoes and Korean carrots salad

The salad including potatoes and the Korean carrots will become excellent addition of any table. At the same time the dish is cooked in several minutes and can be stored in a cold spot long enough.

It is required to you

  • – potatoes (450 g);
  • – carrots in Korean (220 g);
  • – canned green peas (130 g);
  • – fresh fennel (10 g);
  • – garlic (2 cloves);
  • – salt to taste;
  • – olive oil.


1. Take potatoes, carefully wash a baking plate with flowing water. Put in the deep container with water, without rinding. Pour cold water so that potatoes were covered on several centimeters, add some salt and you cook to semi-readiness. Don't forget to check readiness of potatoes. When stabbing by a fork vegetable shouldn't collapse. Leave ready potato for cooling for some time.

2. Lay out the Korean carrot in a cup. Carrots in Korean can be made as independently, and to get previously in shop. Take each potato and crush in the form of cubes. In order that vegetable didn't stick to a knife when cutting, it is necessary to dip periodically an edge in cold water.

3. Accurately connect the turned-out cubes from potatoes to the Korean carrots, mix. Add the following ingredient – canned green peas. Further take fennel, wash out, crush into small pieces and add the wiped garlic. Pour in mix from garlic and fennel olive oil, salt and shake up everything by means of a nimbus to uniform consistence.

4. The fast movement pour in gas station in salad and also mix. Leave for a while for impregnation. It is in addition possible to strew salad with parsley greens.

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