How to make gooseberry jam

How to make gooseberry jam

Summer - a time of gathering berries and fruit and preparation from them of fruit drinks, desserts and jam. One of types of jam can be prepared from a gooseberry. He is unpretentious in leaving, can grow under different conditions. Berries of a gooseberry are rich with a large amount of useful chemical elements and substances. Jam from it turns out very tasty and useful

It is required to you

  • - 1 kg of a gooseberry
  • - 1.5 kg of sugar
  • - 3 cups of water


1. For preparation of jam from a gooseberry it is possible to use such grades as Date, Brazilian. Such gooseberry when cooking well keeps structure and a saturated shade. These grades are rich with a huge number of useful chemical and mineral substances. For preparation it is necessary to take a little unripe gooseberry. Most often small berries are cooked entirely that their structure completely remained. At a large gooseberry sometimes delete seeds. To remove seeds and not to damage a wall of berries, sideways do a small cut and remove seeds a hairpin or a pin. On quality of jam the removal of seeds doesn't influence. Ready berries of a gooseberry need to be put in cold water for 12 - 14 hours depending on their maturity. Further it is necessary to prepare syrup.

2. On 1 kg of a gooseberry 1.5 kg of sugar are used. From 900 g of sugar with addition of 2 glasses of water prepare syrup, fill in with it the prepared berries and maintain 4 - 5 hours. Then boil 5 - 7 minutes, remove and maintain before cooling.

3. From the rest sugar prepare a thick syrup - on 600 g of sugar 1 glass of water. The prepared thick syrup is added to jam and boiled until ready. To improve aroma of jam it is possible to add vanilla or vanillin. Maintaining green color of a gooseberry is promoted by quick chilling. The pan with jam can be put in cold water.

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