How to make gravy for puree

How to make gravy for puree

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There is no such person who doesn't love soft mashed potatoes with tasty gravy. Some prefer liquid gravy, some - dense. All of them on the tasty. There is a lot of ways of preparation of gravies.

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1. Recipe 1. Wash up meat. Cut it on small pieces. Fry in a frying pan before emergence of a ruddy crust. Strongly you shouldn't overroast. When to appear a ruddy crust, add flour. Carefully mix. You hold on fire within 5 minutes that flour was overroasted too. Lay out the fried meat in a pan where you will cook gravy. Wash up and clean carrots and onions. Grate carrots on a small grater, and cut onions with half rings. In a frying pan pour sunflower oil, warm. Put the vegetables made by you in the warmed ware. Fry vegetables until ready. On a frying pan with ready vegetables add tomato paste. Well mix. Fry within 5 minutes until weight becomes uniform color. Lay out a vegetable mix in a pan where put meat. Add bay leaf. Mix everything. Add water. Put on fire and bring to the boil. Then reduce fire. Salt and pepper on the taste. You cook 15-20 minutes on slow fire, periodically stirring slowly.

2. Recipe 2. Wash up carrots, clean and grate. Clean onions and chop cubes. Cut chicken fillet along fibers on average pieces. Merge mushrooms and dry on a napkin. On sunflower oil fry mushrooms, carrots and onions until ready. Warm a dry frying pan. On it sift flour and, without ceasing to stir slowly it, fry. Flour has to decolorize, it has to be uniform. As soon as the flour is roasted, a thin stream pour in it in a glass of water. At the same time it needs to be disturbed that there were no lumps. Pour out the received mix in vegetables and mix. Fry the cut fillet on a desi. Add the fried meat to a frying pan with vegetables. Add water, bay leaf, salt and pepper. You extinguish on small fire of 20-25 minutes. Gravy is ready.

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