How to make gravy from pork

How to make gravy from pork

Vegetables and grain are necessary for health of an organism, but really appetizing they become with delicious sauce. Make gravy from pork for a garnish from buckwheat, rice, potatoes, pasta, white or a cauliflower, and you admire a pleasant combination of advantage and taste.

Gravy from pork with tomato sauce


- 500 g of pork; - 1 napiform bulb;

- 1 carrots; - 1 tablespoons of tomato paste or ketchup; - 2 tablespoons of flour; - 0.5 l of water; - bay leaf; - 5 peas of a black pepper; - 15 g of parsley; - salt; - vegetable oil.

Any parts of pork, in principle, will be suitable for suppression, but it is the best of all to cook gravy from gammon or a scapula, this meat more fast.

Wash up pork and dry it, having blotted a piece with a paper towel. Cut it on average cubes. Clean a bulb and cut with thin quarters of rings, largely grate carrots. Warm vegetable oil in a deep frying pan or a big stewpan and fry in it meat to a zolotistost at constant stirring by a wooden scapula from all directions. Shift to it vegetables, mix and you weary on average fire of 3-5 minutes.

Enter tomato paste or ketchup into the preparing subfrying and pour flour. Boil water and pour in it in a frying pan. Lower bay leaf, pepper peas there, lower temperature to the minimum and you extinguish a dish half an hour, without forgetting to disturb periodically that didn't burn. Salt it to taste in 5 minutes prior to the end of cooking and implicate chopped greens. Let's sauce infuse within 10-15 minutes, and meanwhile prepare a favourite garnish.

Creamy gravy from pork with mushrooms

Ingredients: - 500 g of pork; - 200 g of champignons; - 1 napiform bulb; - 1 cups of 20% cream; - 1 cups of milk; - 3 tablespoons of flour; - 3 tablespoons of a desi; - vegetable oil; - on 0.5 tsp of ground paprika and a black pepper; - salt. Prepare pork and cut it on small bars. Fry them in well heated-up vegetable oil on average fire before acquisition of gray color, lay out in a plate and so far set aside. Remove a peel from a bulb and small chop it. Pour in a frying pan still oil and fry in it onions, won't become almost transparent yet then add to it slices of mushrooms for 5 minutes.

Milk can be replaced with vegetable or mushroom broth.

Kindle a desi in a stewpan or a small pan. Roast on it the flour to a brown shade and accurately dissolve it with the mix of cream and milk seasoned with paprika and black pepper, pouring it a thin stream and immediately stirring. As soon as sauce becomes homogeneous and will thicken, put in it meat and champignons, add some salt to everything, close ware a cover and cook creamy gravy from pork of 15 minutes.

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